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Palm Tree Design

Step 1: Paint your nail a solid color.

Step 2: Take the bronze color and by using the tip (squeezing softly), shade in the tip of your nail halfway. It's ok if it doesn't come out perfect, it's sand so there is no certain shape.

Step 3: Now shade the other half with blue for the ocean.

Step 4: Take the yellow nail pen and center the sun (3/4 on the ocen side, and 1/4 on the sand side). Remember to squeeze lightly the whole time to fill in the sun. Add small lines on the outside to complete.

Step 5: Take the black pen, and starting on the sand and moving up, curving the line slightly. Step 3/4 of the way up your nail (just below the top).

Step 6: Now take your green and make two curved lines coming off your black line on each side. From those two lines make little quick lines on each side of the curved lines.

Step 7: Now finish by adding details like the birds, or coconuts to your tree.

Tip: Squeeze the tube, don't press down on the tip.


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