FUNdraising tips

School budgets are short and even cities need help. On top of that, there are
all sorts of organizations that are looking to make some extra money to help
fund them. Fundraising is the perfect thing to do just that.

If you are looking for some remarkable method of fundraising to turn your
school or organization around, there are plenty to choose from, but they may not
all be remarkable. In fact, sometimes the simplest of plans works the

In fundraising, you need to consider two things. First, you need to
understand what the percentage of sales you will receive through the fundraiser.
This information should be in writing and put right in front of you before you
start with the company. Simply, how much are you going to make off of each sale
that is made?

Secondly, you will need to insure that the products that are
being sold as a fundraising tool are worth it. Perhaps they are marked up some
to help you get your profits, but they still have to be some type of product
that people need if you want them to purchase it.

For example, you may want to have a fundraiser that provides Christmas
purchases at that time of year. Or, in the middle of winter, a fundraiser could
be hot chocolate, candies and candles. When the product is something that the
individuals will want, they will be more than likely to make a

How you present the information is important as well. Make sure
to tell your prospective customers that you are raising money for the Girl Scouts
or you are helping to afford the school a new computer. When they know what the
money is going towards, people are more generous as well.

By taking the time to plan well for your fundraiser, it can be more successful than you
realize. If you plan to do fundraising, do it with your best foot forward every

Our FUNdraising support staff here at Migi Nail Art and Select Marketing will be glad to help and support you in all your efforts to be as succesful as possible. Please contact us at your earliest convenience.

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Why choose Migi Nail Art for your next FUNdraising event?

Migi Nail Art has been sold in the United States for 12+ years. To date we have sold over 15 Million sets to VERY satisfied customers! Of these 15 Million sets, we have a less than 1% return rate…this is UNHEARD of in the retail business world.

Migi Nail Art is sold to women and younger girls of all ages from 4 to 404 :) and in saying this, the bulk of our customers fall into the age range of 7-17. This coincidentally is also the target age of the “salespeople” that make the best FUNdraisers! Of course, when you pair this great combination alongside the groups and organizations we are trying to work with (gymnastics clubs, cheer squads, bands, schools, churches etc)…we have a winning combination. Younger girls are passionate about Migi Nail Art because they can relate to the product, it enables them to be creative, interact socially through  online forums and social networking sites and they become through product ambassadors of the product.

Probably the best reason to consider Migi Nail Art is the PROFITS you will get to keep…with this program you will keep 50% of your sales! Plus, you will have the support and reliable, confident and friendly reps from Select Marketing helping you every step of the way to make your FUNdraiser as successful as possible!

Please contact us at your earlest convenience so We may SERVE you.

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Planning a Migi Nail Art Fundraising Event: 10 Things You Need to Consider

Planning a Migi Nail Art fundraising event can be one of the most rewarding experiences you’ll ever have. However, it can also be a time of stress and worry. Following are 10 things to consider when planning a fundraising event that will help ensure your planning process goes as smoothly as possible.

  1. Don’t do it alone. Even if you’ve volunteered to plan a Migi Nail Art fundraising event, it doesn’t mean you have to do it all yourself. Put together a committee to assist you, or delegate pieces of the event to others who’d like to help.
  2. Consider the efficacy of your fundraiser. There are so many ideas out there; it’s difficult to determine which one will be the most effective. Consider how much money you think the fundraiser will make and the number of man hours it will take to host, to compare different event types. With Migi Nail Art , your team will have fun with a product they can relate to! No more junk toys and wrapping paper…no more sugar filled cookie dough…no more over-priced popcorn!
  3. Create a timeline. Timelines for when tasks should be completed help keep everyone on track, and ensure those helping you know exactly when their items are due. Allow our helpful and courteous reps assit with every stage of your event.
  4. Create a budget. A budget ensures costs do not get out of control when planning a fundraising event. This is a critical tool to use when delegating pieces of the event that may include purchasing items or services. Migi Nail Art requires no up front fees, you sell first! Then after the monies are collected, we ship your product to you for distribution…its VERY easy.
  5. Ask for donations. Don’t be afraid to ask local businesses for donations to your event. From door prizes to materials and supplies you need for the event, many businesses are happy to donate  to those planning a fundraising event. The more donations you receive – the more money will go to your cause! Again, our reps are very knowledgeable and can assit you in various creative ways of seeking donations, to prizes offered to the top selling kids.
  6. Set goals for your event. Just like in other aspects of life, goal setting when planning a Migi Nail Art fundraising event motivates everyone toward a quantifiable result. Keep track of these goals during the planning process, and let members periodically know if you’re on track.
  7. Staff your event properly. Have enough volunteers on staff to ensure your event runs efficiently. However, do not over-staff your event. There is nothing more frustrating for a volunteer than standing around with nothing to do. Migi Nail Art has a huge following of faithrul, loyal and happy customers…these young people are perfect ambassadors of the product and will serve as your best volunteers.
  8. Harness the power of the Internet. Set up a web page with details of your event. Then, use social media sites such as Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn to promote your event. Migi Nail Art has a huge online presence and we are happy to assit in spreading the word about your event whenver possible…ask your rep for more details
  9. Marketing is critical. It won’t matter how awesome your event is, if no one knows about it. Contact your local paper, post flyers in local businesses, send out e-mails, and more to be certain the public knows about your event.
  10. Say “Thank you!” When the event is over, thank all of those who made it a success. This thank you list should not just include those who attended, but also those who donated items and the volunteers who devoted their time and talents.
  11. (Bonus…tip #11) Migi Nail Art give your organization the opportunity to profit upwards of 50% margins! This means you can buy Migi Nail Art from $12 to $10 based on volume and easily resell for $20…showing proifts of $10 for every kit sold! With multiple kits being offered, the opportunity exists to sell 1 custoemr 2-3-4-5 different sets!
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