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"Special Events, Trade and Consumer Shows, Fairs and Festivals... Sales Booth Marketing."

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The Trade and Consumer Show Industry is a major source of revenue in the United States, with over 6 billion dollars spent each year by people attending these special events. Events such as RV shows, home shows, boat shows, street fairs, women's shows, fairs, festivals, flea markets, carnivals, trade shows and other high traffic events. They come with cash, ready to buy.

Since 1992 the founders of Select Marketing have brought their Show and Product knowledge to become the leaders within this unique industry.  Our products have been generating millions of dollars in sales at special events all over the United States and Canada. We are now offering a limited number of exclusive sales territories to qualified entrepreneurs in select areas across North America. Our business operates year round because “show season” always happens! You will find shows taking place everywhere year round, with qualified buying customers at each and every event.

Choose your hours of employment, work full time or part time and have fun travelling if this is your desire. Sell our unique and proprietary products that are exclusively TM, Patented or exclusively licensed from booths at shows, fairs, and other special events. Work when you want to, where you want to, and how often you want to work. We bring almost 20 years of hands on experience and will assist you and show you how too. Many prime territories and events still open. Small investment, secured by inventory, required.


Q. How long has SELECT MARKETING been in business?

A. SELECT MARKETING was founded by Susan Carter in Canada almost 30 years ago and sold her US business interests to Jayme Parro in 2008.

Q. Is this a seasonal business?

A. No. SELECT MARKETING operates shows, fairs and special events throughout the year.

Q. How often do I have to work?

A. It truly depends on your involvement and commitment. It is possible for a Distributor to earn $1000-$2000plus per week based on the type of event and the products being sold.

Q. Do I have to work the booths myself?

A. No. Some distributors are doing so many shows they hire other people to work for them. However, their earnings are maximized if they work some of the shows themselves. SELECT MARKETING typically pays sales staff commission only thereby maximizing profits and allowing the owner/operator to work their own booths as well.

Q. How much training and support will I receive?

A. As much as needed to assure your success. We encourage all new distributors to work/staff our operational booths for a few events to understand the setup, selling and other “hands-on” type of operational functions. We will then send some of our key people to work a few of your events until you are profitable and successfully running.

Q. Why are SELECT MARKETING’s products unique?

A. our products are almost all exclusively licensed to us, or we manufacture our own Trademarked Protected products. When selling our unique items you will have little or no completion anywhere within the USA.


1. Select Marketing will supply you with the products of your choice which would be dictated by the type of events you would be working at. (When sold, revenue from sales of these products will equal your total investment)

2. Personal support, guidance and mentoring from experienced, well trained staff and management.

3. Booth display material, including a 4' x 8' vinyl promotional banner, other similar type display and promotional signs. Also included are brochures, business cards, samples and other hand outs.

4. A list of shows and events in your marketing area, along with insight and suggestions from SELECT MARKETING managerial staff.

5. A training manual including a complete description of SELECT MARKETING’s products and tips and suggestions on how to sell each one, using our time tested sales “pitch” and our innate ability to sell directly to consumers. Also included is complete information on how to set up your visually appealing booth, successful show booking hints and tips, and run your business both successfully and profitably.

6. We will mentor you and assign a direct point of contact to assist you with any questions or guidance relating to staffing, training, sales techniques etc.

7. The opportunity to work at other distributors' booths, locally and nationally, on a straight commission basis (usually 25% of sales). Many Distributors from smaller geographic areas like this opportunity and it gives the individual an opportunity to travel and see new places, learn salesmanship from other successful Distributors and networking benefits.


Sell our products at shows, fairs and special events, and make extra cash!

Work when, where, and how often you want to!

SELECT MARKETING needs responsible, motivated, friendly and courteous sales people to join our team.

Many of our experienced sales staff get to travel across the entire country, earn fabulous pay and schedule their lifestyles first…and work second!!!

Earn great commissions and have fun selling our time tested products. Opportunities exist in well know major US retailers and almost every major Home Show and Fair Nationwide.


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