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" I LOVE IT it is so fun to do. "

Joslynn - Wichita Falls, TX

" I purchase Migi Nail Art for my granddaughters for Christmas, and we have had so much fun learning to do the enclosed patterns. We have also tried several of our own designs. They said they can hardly wait until the next time they come over so they can get their nails done again! Migi Nail Art has been a great way to bond even closer with my granddaughters. Thanks!! "

Sue C. - Amboy, IN

" I just got my first kit and my granddaughter is just bugging me to do her nails she loves it for sure. I got the cover coat and rhinestones and the glow in the dark. I'm gonna have fun doing her nails. thank you. "

Colleen Tubbs - Holly Hill, FL

" I usually done buy at the booths at Sams Club but this time I did. The price was right and the fun has began. Got home and did my nails first thing. Thank you for something anyone can do. Love this Migi Nail Art. "

Sheila Cary - Milliken, CO

" My daughter got these as a Christmas gift. They are awesome. We have had so much fun being creative!!!:) "

Leslie - Stella, MO

" The product is pretty awesome. I had a little bit of problems with it at first then I figured it out pretty fast!!! Love it and can't wait to do other designs! "

Dawn N. - Dinwiddie, VA

" Love these! It provides me with everything I need to make beautiful nail designs! "


" I was shopping in my local Sam's club and this item was being shown, my 10 yr old daughter was with me so I purchased 2! How I wish I bought more! My nieces saw the kit that I had purchased for one niece and the others wished I had gotten them a pack as well! It was a hit for Christmas! I have people at work wanting them as well! "

Suzanne - West Haven, CT

" If you've ever dealt with trying to design anything on your fingers using those huge brushes and are about ready to give up on nail polish in general you should invest in this product. I say this because I have felt your pain and want to share with you my happiness. "

Bethany - NY

" This is SO easy to use! MY favorite thing to do is create bows on my nails! Very easy, fun and I adore it! "

Briana G - Las Vegas, NV

" Love, love, love this! The tips make it so easy to create beautiful designs, even if you're not artistic! My daughter and I love to do these together! Great product! "

Danielle - OH

" Migi Nail Art is amazing so easy to use an tons of fun, Having these makes me want to redo my nails every day just to do a different design I have gotten countless compliments on my nails an I cant wait to get more colors love these so much a must buy for nail designers of all ages:) "

Sabrina D. - Rockford, IL

" Migi Nail Art is so easy to use. I gave one for my 12 year old daughter and she loves it. Migi Nail Art is so easy to use my 7 year old daughter has no problem creating designs on her nails anymore! I can't wait to get another kit for me! "

Marien Mancia - Bradenton, FL

" I bought a set of 3 at Sam's club for my daughter's 7th birthday. We wasted no time putting little flowers on her nails since it was spring. I'll admit, I have done more on my nails then her! Last week, I put presents on her nail, snowflakes on mine and candy canes on my younger daughters nails. Even on her tiny 4 year old nails, I was able to get a nice design! We love them!!!!!! I get lots of compliments on my designs when I go out or at work. American flags for 4th of July were a big hit! "

Renee - Schaumburg, IL

" I love the Migi nail art kit, being an artist it is so easy and fun. I truly love it. Thank you for such a great product! "

Lillian Billings - Martinsvville, VA

" Migi nail art is so much fun and really easy to do! I do alot of peoples nails and get compliments! I love migi nail art! "

Patricia LaForge - Hardin, MT

" I am an artist and I use nail polish to paint various items from eyeglasses cases to small metal boxes... But writing on them was always a problem, until I discovered Migi Nail Art pens, What a delightful solution to the problem. So very easy to use and to control, I now have a way to write quotations as well as even to sign my art in permanent nail polish. So far I have only 2 pens, but when my pocket book permits, you better believe I will look for other colors. Thank you Migi! "

Pamela Spiro Wagner - Wethersfield, CT

" Kind of hard to use but once you get the hang of it they are so much fun I am in love with them! thanks Migi nail art for sending them! "

San Antonio, TX

" i love migi nail art! Its super easy and looks professional. i always get compliments. it's almost halloween now and i made my nails look like theres blood dripping down them by using the pen in red over top of the brush in white! "

Ashley - Battle Creek, MI

" I recently had back surgery and couldn't get out much so I sat down and made "Minions" on my fingernails. The artwork lasts for quite a while , so by the time I was able to get out and about, so many people asked me how I did it. I was very enthusiastic when I named Migi Nail Art. Thank you so much for giving me something fun to do and getting compliments in return. I wish there was a place to add an attachment so that people could share their artwork. It would make the experience even more fun! "

Glenda Theriault - Southgate, MI

" omg I absolutely LOVE my migi nail art pens!!!!! They make amazing designs and i'm always asked how I did them but it was SO easy!!!!!!!! would definitely give as a gift or recommend!!!!!!!!!!!! thanks migi!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! "


" amazing pens would recommend them to anybody. I can make beautiful nail designs with them. "


" I bought the Migi nail art set as gift for my 7 year old. She loves getting her nails done but it is very time consuming for a single working parent. The nail art kit is perfect and hassel free. Now her classmates all want the Migi nail art set. "

Ebony - Chicago, IL

" was incredible I was amazed how much you can do with this paint.All my friends were impressed by the flower model. it's just gorgeous <3 it mua. when I grow up im planning to be a cosmetologists ;D "

Brenda Mejia - Dallas, TX

" I just got these as a gift and I love them! They have a great formula, the pens work great, and I love the refill idea! "

Chloe - OH

" Love the Migi nail art set got the ones for most of the seasons my daughter n I both Love it. Got it at the Bloomsburg Fair in Pa. The lady that sold it to me did a demostration on my couple of fingers. Awesome, this product is easy to use. So glad glad they were at our fair. "

Donna Traver - Tunkhannock, PA

" When I got it I just spent all day doing nails. this product is so easy and you can take anywhere. with the pen i was putting my name on my nails and make pretty designs on them. this product really made my day. this can help me become better with doing nails. when i graduate high school i plan on doing hair nails and makeup so this will help me get better with doing nails. i just truly love this product and i just love how we get TWO FREE colors. so hurry up and buy this product RIGHT NOW. "

Sydney - Atlanta, GA

" i love it i have had it for 3 days and there was a game yesterday day i wrote moore on my left hand alternatin our shool colors red and blue and the same on my right but saying high with a blue pawprint on my thumb my freinds loved them that night to celebrate our victory i had freind spend the night and we listend to music and did each others nails. GO MOORE LADY LIONS!!!!!! "

Kassidy Baumgardner - Moore, OK

" I love my set I only have 1 if them BUT I plan 2 get MOOOORE!!!!!!:-)"

Erica - Alberquerque, NM

" This stuff is awesome...I LOVE it!!!! Got it at Sam's yesterday and I have been fascinated ever since."

Yahcyria - Saint Louis, MO

" I love this nail art!! It makes me feel good to know that I can make my own nails look beautiful. Thank you for making this wonderful product! I'll tell my friends about it too!"

Sharon - Utah

" Migi Nail Art is the Greatest solution for me not having to go to the nail salon. I like to change nail color often and the many different designs I get to create on my own .. wonderful product. "

Mrs. L. E. O. Watson - LaVergne, TN

" I just bought this at the NY STATE FAIR about 2 hours ago and I just did my own nails!!!"

Jen W - Syracuse, NY

" I love Migi Nail Art it is very entertaining especially at slumber party birthdays and etc... i think its very creative."

Itonton, OH

" Do it yourself nail art has never been so easy. To think I paid up to $5 a design at the nail salon! With all the money I save in nail art...I can put it towards a pedicure or massage!"

Kennebunkport, ME

" At our county fair I had a nail design and French manicure tips painted on at one of your displays. I DID NOT apply any clear coat at all! I went back to the Fair and promptly purchased the silver set due to the fact that the nail art was STILL ON my nails with no chipping, peeling, or cracking at all! I showered, did housework, washed hands many times over to test it out, and it passed with "flying colors"!! Can't wait to start making my own designs at home with my new kit. My sales representative was so nice, and gave me great tips. Now to order the neon set next!!"

Donna - Williamsville, NY

" My daughter is 4 1/2 and it stayed on for almost a week!"

Diane Wi

" Thank you for the sales person at Costco, Anchorage, Alaska. This is a really neat Birthday gift."

Toisan Deborah Smith - Anchorage, AK

" We are having a blast thank you so much from the Hinkles from Utah"

Bonita Hinkle - Magna, UT

" I just purchased this product at the wisconsin state fair today. I tried it out when I got home and I am hooked. Migi nail art is my favorite thing right now. It's the best at home nail art product I've ever seen! I have tried nail art brushes which were hard to use and had low quality brushes and I've tried nail art pens which were very messy, I tried a nail art stamping product which was a bit hard to use and extremely messy, I even got my own dotting tool. Absolutely nothing compares to the Migi Nail Art product! It's so easy, fast, mess free, and of course fun! I am very pleased with this product. "

Rachel - Door County, WI

" I absolutely love my Migi Nail Art. The number of colors they offer is magnificent. I have seen and used other nail art products, but none can compare to the quality you get when you buy this product. I am so happy I bought Migi Nail Art and I would recommend them to anyone looking for a nail art that actually works! "

Kelly - NY

" I just got the migi nail art and I love it already I love doing different designs :) "

Britney Jones - Cincinnati, OH

" This product is so much fun! My daughter is decorating everything with it and loves it! I just ordered her 2 free refills and she's trying some new colors. Thanks for making such a great product! "

Debbie - New Braunfels, TX

" I bought the nail art pens for my 13 year old daughter. As soon as she received them she was painting toes and fingers.Her friends think she just so cool when she does her art on their finger. And she loves the tattoo art as well. And with free refills how could anyone go wrong. I'm glad I made the purchase. "

Regina - Zanesville, OH

" I just gave this to my 11 year old niece for her birthday, and she LOVES it! "

Jennifer - Slidell, LA

" Just purchase the nail art pens this weekend at the Sam's Club in Virginia, and I love them. Was sold when told about the free refills for life. I will be placing an order real soon. "

L. Jordan - Richmond, VA

" I just bought this 2 hours ago from Sam's Club and had to try it out as soon as I got home!! My nails look awesome!! "

Jenny - Scottsburg, IN

" Ordered these and then felt bad because after reading reviews people were saying they got them for their granddaughters and I am a grandma. Well I started using them and LOVE them, so granddaughters move over, grandma's I'm town (smile). Order them no what your age. "

Jackie Sanders - Montgomery, AL

" I started to have fun immediately after purchase. I'm pretty advanced with nail art, and do mostly freehand painting. I loved the set up of the bottles and the precision points as well. Great fun for all ages. "

Cheryl Bachman - Wichita Falls, TX

" I love this thing. My nails haven't looked this good since I got them done professionally ($35). Like I said-"I love this thing" "

anonymous - Brooklyn, MI

" I love these collection of nail designers! They work super easy and last forever. I make sure I use them every single time I do my nails! I always get the best complements on my nails. Love love love them! "

Ashlee Andersen - Payson, UT

" This nail polish is so cool! I love it and its so easy to use. There's so many cute colors. I got this as a gift I am so happy with it. If I had three thumbs I'd give it a 3 thumbs up. "

Stephanie Garner - IN

" Bought a 3 Pack migi nail art from sam's 2 weeks ago for my girls, they love them. Now they want some for their older sister for Christmas. "

Ft. Worth, TX

" Throughly impressed with this product, painted designs on nails, wash dishes, clean and it stayed on. without even a top coat. this produce is worth its money. LOVE IT. Delighted in North Carolina. "

Dorothy Owens - Treyon, NC

" My grand daughters and i are having a ball with our nail kits. Every time they come to my house the first thing they want to do is their nails. I've had my nails done for years and have paid a lot of money for nail art to be done on my nails. We love these kits! "

Cindy Bingham - Union City, CA

" I love these I received as a birthday gift and my Daughter and I absolutely love our girl time!! This allows us to invoke our creativity without the high price of a salon! :) "

Melissa - Germantown, OH

" I absolutely Love LOVE LOVE the migi nail art product. My two year old daughter thinks its awesome mommy can make flowers on her nails...Its so much easier than trying to actually paint her nails and she loves it so much more. I love the fact that its virtually mess free and so simple. "

Shawnace - Durant, OK

" I love this stuff! Making are 4th of July Mani, Petties a very special experience. Something all my daughters, oldest to youngest, have fun doing and making special memories. "

Nancy Becker - Odem, TX

" I bought this product because I am a nail tech, but I really bought them for my 9 yr old daughter. She loves them and now we challenge each other to see who can make the best design. I was surprised how easy they r to use and they don't make a mess like the art brushes do. I recommend these to anyone and everyone. So fun and endless possibilities. Love it. I haven't ordered any refills yet. Hope its as easy a process as playing with the product. "

Michelle Bachman - Bristol, IN

" I am 43 years young, and have been doing my own nails since I was 16 years old. I have tried every new product on the market for nails. Decals, polish, stencils, markers, etc..... a lot of them are not very good and very disappointing. My mom bought me this kit for a gift, at first I was very skeptical about using this and having It work. But one day I got out my Migi Nail Art kit and..... I was blown away at the great detail you can do creating designs and how easy it is to use it. I would highly recommend this to anyone who wants great looking nails you can do at home, but looks like you got them done at a salon !!!! "

Kathy Jaronowski - Cleveland, OH

" I am in love with this product!! I really want them to have more tutorials on different things, especially of nautical nail art. I wouldn't be able to do my own nails without this item:) "

Taylor - Springfield, GA

" I love migi nail art. I can't wait to explore all the colors and FORMALDIHIDE FREE! It stays on forever and you usually only need one coat and you're set. love you migi! "

Deanna Scott - Pinellas Park, FL

" Migi nail art is super fun and easy!!! I love that there is a brush and pen in the same container. I like that they give you FREE refills. Migi nail art is just amazing. I can't wait to see what they come up with next! "

MaKenzie - Sumner, WA

" This product is so amazing! It brought up my nail art skill level a lot!!! Would definitely recommend it! "

Natalie - Harper's Ferry, WV

" Got 3 packages of these for my birthday. I love them! I have only been able to use them twice. But they are great! "

Christine - Loveland, CO

" bought this at sams club for mothers day weekend and me and my 2 daughters, 4 granddaughters and 1 niece could not stop trying designs on each other my grandkids use it every other day we love it so much. "

Lupe - Coachella, CA

" Its great product "


" Got the bundle pack (3 packs...pastels, regular, limited edition colors) for my mothers 69th birthday present!! Can't wait to do her nails this weekend. Thanks for the great deal and the FREE refills/replacements too....awesome. Let y'all know how the weekend went. Thanks again Deborah "

Deborah - Rockledge, FL

" Migi nail art pens are awesome. I'm not into too much of nail polish but Migi has developed new interest into me with creating new designs on my nails. If you don't want to spend too much money over nails, Migi's the one to buy. "

VP - Cleveland, OH

" My Grandma bought this for me. I am having so much fun doing my nails plus all my friends. She always gets me fun things. "

BaileyAnne Hanson - Loomis, CA

" I bought the Migi Nail Art for my daughter this weekend at Sam's Club and "WE" can't stop using them, I think when they told me we get free refills I was SOLD! thanks "

Raquel Garza

" I love the product and I don't usually wear nail polish but I will now. Even my husband has had fun putting designs on my nails for me! "

Anne Mortenson - Chesapeake, VA

" Me and my daughters LOVE Migi nail polish!! We have so much fun creating all different kinds of designs. It helps them use their imaginations. Thanks Migi Nail Art!! "

Michelle Sharp - New Palestine, IN

" My 4 year old granddaughter loves her nails and toes painted. She is tiny and as you can imagine her nails are tiny as well. I always had a hard time designing any art on her nails. I found Migi art at a trades show and now we LOVE painting her nails. She tells me what she wants and we try and make it happen...LOVE this product! "

Melissa Sutton - Texarkana, TX

" I've been asked several times where do I get my nails done at, I say I do them myself. I show them this product they're amazed that I can do it left handed and right handed. I've always enjoyed paint my nails now it's just fun. I've bought several of these packets, nail products giving them to my nieces and Dr. and my friends I work at Home Depot and the kids workshop. Tell them all how to find this product. thanks. I recommend this to anybody that whoever wants to have fun. "

Lauri' A. DeLisle - Sarasota, FL

" I love it. "

Harriet - WV

" It is a great product! My daughter and I enjoy it a lot. I would recommend it to all of my friends. In fact bought three pack set to take it to India, on our vacation next month. Thanks... "

Sujatha Mummareddi

" Just bought the kit yesterday and me and my girls are having the best time. They love all the wonderful colors. Being able to create their own designs is a HUGE hit. Thanks Migi Nail Art. "

Amy Skladany - North Braddock, PA

" All my friends watch my nails to see my new designs each month. "

Ruth Walters - New Haven, MO

" This awesome nail polish!!!! Come with nail design!!! "

Shirl Jean Powell - Pittsburgh, PA

" I love it, makes creating nail art much easier! "

Anecia - Houston, TX

" Hello Migi Nail, I just got my Nail art pen set, I just wanted to say that this is the best thing you could have invented. I'm a frequent flyer at the nail shop in my hometown and I just love for my nails to look good with all types of different designs but not so much the price that i have to pay for each design. When i was asked to stop by the set up booth at the Sam's club I was really impressed and so was my sister and daughter with this product. I will never again pay for another design on my nails that i can do myself with my new Migi Nail Art. Thanks for the great ideas!! "

Karen - Memphis, TN

" Wow this product is so neat...... Had never heard of it before. Seen products similar but never tried until today. Reps were doing demos at Sams warehouse and called me over. My five year old was sold on the first little lady bug they designed on her finger. Well worth the price in my opinion and you get so many colors. Great product and free refill and replacements was icing on the cake. Thanks a million. "

Shannon - OK

" All I have to say is wow! You know how you buy something and you take it home and just throw it in a drawer because you can't use it. Well not with this stuff, It is so easy to use my 9 year old daughter can do it easily and so can I! It looks like we got our nails done professional, The only thing I would say it to add to your box colors is the clear coat. Other than that it is amazing!!! "

Joann Madding - Las Vegas, NV

" My 2 and 4 year old daughters love this. I recently bought them 4/2013 and they wok up the next day begging to have there nails done again. It's fun time with mommy and daughters. I wrote an testimonial the other day about how the polish gets stuck in the pen. It must had due to them being new. Because today they are working just fine. We stayed up all night working on our nails. They really enjoy it. i can't draw but we improvise with simple things such as the sun or hearts and things like that. It's great for binding. "

Jammie - Charlotte, NC

" Bought these from Sams Club for my step daughter, but I think I love them more! So fun and affordable! "

Melissa - Gastonia, NC

" I love how it flows out of the needle!!! Thx Migi Nail Art!!! "


" These are awesome! I got some for my birthday, and my nails never looked better! I just with thy were a little more affordable! "

Sarah Parker

" I am really having fun experimenting on learning how to do my nails at home. I had been going to professional nail shops for several years and as a senior citizen I starting doing my own nails at home. I have been sharing this product information with my friends. Thanks so much for the free refills. God bless you. "

Barbara Cole - Cincinnati, OH

" Thank you migi nail art!!! Absolutely love these pens!!! They are a nail techs best friend "

Brandi - Atlanta, GA

" so much fun can"t stop using it love it !!! "


" bought item from Sam's club for 3 granddaughters. They are enjoying polishing and decorating, They even did my nails. "

Marilyn - Chinle, AZ

" I just recently bought my 3 box collection from Sam's Club and I am very pleased with it. I am just starting so i'm not real talented with the designs yet. What I want to say is that i polished my nails a week ago and put a simple design on them and they look as good today as they did when they were first done. High quality polish and I love that they have the brush and the pen tip. Thank you for making such a great product. I plan on having a lot of fun with these. "

Barb Hermsen - Combined Locks, WI

" i love this its amazing "

anonymous - NY

" I just got the migi nail art kit. I love it already. It took a few minute to adjust to flow but I can't believe the things I can draw with it. Thank you migi. "

Kim Sheehan - Sandwich, MA

" i love the migi nail art i can have really cool nails and it is so simple...... "

Jessica Norton - OH

" i love this ! i have 4 daughters all under 12 and it is so much fun to decorate their nails in all different fashions. they love showing their friends and family members all the cool designs and the wonderful array of colors. although still new at getting the designs mastered, still have fun with them. "

Janelle Kilburn - Arvada, CO

" I got this for Christmas and I love it! It is so much fun deciding what colors and designs I'm going to use to create my nail art. So far I've done watermelon, snow flakes and paw prints and everyone is really impressed. "

Andrea - Sterling Heights, MI

" I love how u can design your own nails. It really rocks. I love migi nail art! "

Klara, IL

" I love my Migi nail art . I am having so much fun with my nail's and how i can make my own designer nails. it's so much things you can do with your migi nail art. "

Emoni White

" I am completly in love with this product !!! i've never been very good at anything having to do with nail polish. Migi nail art is so easy and fun to apply. Totally changed my skill level. People have stopped me to look at my nails. Thank you Migi Nail Art !! "

Cindy - Dallas, Texas

" I love thees disigns i just wish i had every color there like so awesome my mom is sooooo jelous i feel lucky to evan have this were it not because of my grandma shirly i wouldnt have any nail polish whatso ever no ? about it this is so awesome!!!! "

Elizabeth - Colorado Springs, CO

" I love,love, love this nail art. I get so many compliments and its so easy! "

Florida Keys, FL

" My nine year old daughter loves polishing nails, so when I came by this product with free replacement and refills I knew it was going to be great. We recently had her first slumber party and it was the highlight of the night. All the girls loved it! One of the girls was a little rough and broke the tip, but I let her know that we would just replace it. Again, a great product. Thank you for the good times and product. "

Amber - Ontario, CA

" I've always loved doodling and drawing, and used to use markers to doodle on my nails, and watch as they quickly got smeared away. I got my set of Migi pens as a gift, and I was dubious on whether or not I'd like them until I opened the package; they're great! I haven't had problems with the pen tips clogging, and my nails--and phone--are now decorated with fun patterns. "

Mira Skolesky - MN

" I love this nail polish and art sets so much that I'm making my 3rd purchase! I have recommended it to everyone that has complimented my nails, and that happens almost every day. When I first read the detailed instructions on how to make designs with the pens, I thought it would be hard, but its was actually very easy and fun. "

Ellen - Binghamton, NY

" I purchased 6 sets for my grandaughters to see them all sitting there doing each other's nail's,knowing we never have to buy nail polish again just added to the fun they all had ----thank you kenny milam "

Kenny Milam - Cheyenne, WY

" I just used my migi nail art kit for the first time and I love it!Its really easy to use and i love how you can get free refills and only pay shipping and handling! Goes on smooth and best investment in nail polish that I've done in a while. Defiantly sticking to this for a while! "

Shelby, Kentucky

" I am a nail art technician. I mainly do everything free hand and but the pen part of it is so easy to use! This product really comes in handy. "

Dominique - Houston, TX

" I bought my nail art kit at Sam's Club. I had both hands done within 10 minutes after arriving home. I have always done my own nails and this kit saved me hours of time. I put a clear coat of polish on and my nails after 5 days still look like I just had them done! Very pleased with this product. "

Jennifer Francis - Lewisville, TX

" I am super excited to use the products! They are sooo simple to use, and great for parties! "

Jessica - Elizabethton, TN

" People have been asking me lately where I've gotten my nails done, and they're really surprised when I said I did them myself, knowing that I'm definitely not the best artist out there. They're Veru pretty and you can very easily create designs that look professional, when really it only took you a few minutes. I'm very impressed, and will definitely be purchasing more of these Migi Nailart Pens! "

Columbus, OH

" I received the white limited edition set for Christmas. The nail pens are amazing! The colors are bright and opaque, and the pen tips make it easy to draw intricate designs. I had problems with two of the pens, contacted customer service and received a reply within a few hours. Amazing nail pens and amazing customer service. I would definitely recommend this product. "

Gabi - Indianapolis, IN

" I just bought this today and I have already had sooo much fun with it doing different designs for every nail. Sometimes the paint on the pen tip comes out too much and won't stop but it also could have just been a user error. I definitely recommend this to any woman who likes to have fun with her style or for a mother and daughter to spend some quality time and have fun! You don't have to be an artist, just have fun and make stuff up!! "

Melissa Dunaway - San Diego, CA

" My 8 year old daughter used her allowance to purchase a migi nail art set from our local sams club. i am amazed at how easy the pens are for her to use, clean, and when necessary unblock. She loves the pens, so tonight I purchased her first refill. Thank you! "

C. Knight - Dallas, TX

" I never thought I would do anything like this. My nails are horrible,short and they split and break. I am trying to grow them and with nail art I at least have a good reason to stick with it. I have a good thumb nail on my left hand and put nail art on it to go with different outfits and seasons. Am getting better all the time. My friends always look to see what is on that finger. I do venture onto the ring fingers when their growth permits. I saw and bought this at a fair in MA and am an old lady having so much fun with it. "

Audrey - Winter Haven, FL

" My Husband purchased the migi nail art pens at Sam's club, for my daughter and I. I absolutely love them! I'm not going to lie, I thought it was a little skeptical... I am able to create fun "salon" nails on my own. I just ordered my free refills and can't wait to use them! "

Traci - Chicago, IL

" Migi Nail art is wonderful. I bought it for my daughter who does such beautiful things with this kit. I can even do neat art and writing to my short nails with it myself. You can't go wrong, even if you just paint your nails. And the lifetime refills are unbelievable. Thanks so much. LOVE MIGI NAIL ART "

Debby Ewing - Lucasville, OH

" Awesome product. Finally something without going to nail salon. Easy to use and great for the price. I got it at Sam's , Wish I would've got couple more for gift. "

VP - Macedonia, OH

" My mom bought the Migi nail art for me at Sam's club i begged her to buy them and she finally did even though she didn't like them all to well but after i did her nails for her she fell in love with them, I love doing my nails with the migi nail art. :-) "

Shontay - FL


Karina Lozano - Gainsville, GA

" I have just got my migi nail art pens at sams club today and i have already fell in love with them!!!!!!they r so fun and easy to use , my mo even loves them and thats pretty impressive !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!(she doesn't really like nail polish on or off her nails) "

Evelina - Evergreen Par, IL

" My 4 year old daughter and myself is very happy to purchase this product. It is fun and I'm saving money by not going to nail salon. "


" I had fun using the colors and making different designs. There is a multitude of possibilities you can do. I really like this product and am very satisfied with my purchase and will continue to use it. As matter of fact I like it better than the nail art product with the stamp that I purchased years ago. Your product is very easy to use. "

Nadine Ostrow - Las Vegas, NV

" I thought that this would be a waste of money but my daughter, cousin and I love it! I have snowmen on my thumbs right now with matching snow flakes on my fingers and it was fun and actually looks like someone did it for me. My cousin has constantly changing designs that look professional. I bought this at Sam's club after much begging from my daughter but I'm glad I did. "

T.J. - Hartford Area, CT

" I love my Migi Nail Art Pens, they have totally changed the way I look at my nails and obviously revolutionized my nail art style! Thanks go to Migi for a great product and definitely to Select Marketing for being so great on the phones and taking all of our orders and whatnot all the time:) Keep up the great work and I'll definitely keep having fun with my Migi Nail Art Pens! Actually you can check out some of my work/ designs on instagram follow @maladriad and I'd be happy to try out any technique/request on myself^.^! "

Mala - London, Ontario, Canada

" I love the Migi Nail Art ...i will definitely re-order more and more colors as they come along. My nails are my extension of me and now I get to do the art myself. Thank you. "

Michelle - St. Louis, MO

" I post pictures of my nails on facebook, and my friends always comment, wanting me to do their nails. And when I'm not sure about what design I should do, I always look up the tutorial videos, that provide step by step instructions that are so easy to follow. I love Migi Nail Art! "

Maddy - FL

" I love migi nail art. I use it all the time. when ever my friends come they always ask me to do their nail because they love it. It is probably the thing that that i recommend. "

Betsy - Newark, DE

" I am not good at painting nails. I found this to be fun and easy. My daughter loves it too! "

Danielle Amelia, OH

" My girls (10,6 and 2) love them, they ask for me to make designs on finger nails and toe nails depending on what they are wearing, and free refills, what a great idea!! "

Bellevue, NE

" Love the product, so easy to apply to nails. Will truly save money with less visits to the nail salon. "

Primrose - Dallas, GA

" This is so much fun. I'm not an artist so I have a little trouble with complicated stuff but I love it and can follow the tutorials easily. "

Janet Manning - St. Cloud, FL

" I'm 12 and I LOVE these pens! I do everyone's nails, My little cousin Mason(ps he is a boy) thought they were so cool and asked me to do his nails. I would DIE without them. A MUST HAVE !!!!!!! "

Katie - Elkhorn, WI

" i love this new nail art please send me any new ideals MY FRIEND LOVE ME DOING THERE NAILS!!! angel patrice davis--13yrs "

Angel peanutbutter Davis

" I purchased for my daughters age 7 & 4 whom LOVE the nail salon (mommy & me time) as do I but because of physical restraints we are not able to make it as often. as they like to change their nail colors, which is almost every other day I needed something quick I could try/do @ home, always saw the ads but was very intimidated, I purchased nail art and much to my surprise if u can draw u can do nail art its easy, convenient, fun I was able to do designs on my own nails and my girls LOVE me doing their nails as much maybe even more than going to the nail salon!, thank you for bringing this type of freedom to my home for my girls and I to continue to enjoy mommy & me time! "

Savvyshopper - JC, NJ

" first time using this product and I did Halloween on my fingers... alternating I did half with black and orange jack-o-lanterns and the other half orange with black cats... it was very fun and my husband was amazed with how great they came out... "

Katrina Mitchell - Greenup, KY

" Who knew that nail polish could be so precise! Who knew that drawing/painting with polish would be so easy!? This product would be great for anyone into nail art! "

Betty Liem - CA

" I've had migi nail art for about a week now and my four year old grand daughter and I are having a ball with this product. It's really fun and easy to use! "

Donna - Byhalia, MS

" So far I love these. It gives me some daddy daughter time and my three little girls love it. "

David McKeeth - Maeser, UT

" I love this Migi Nail Art!! My mom bought my first ever Migi Nail Art set, and I loved it soooo much!! Definitely looking forward to more!! :))) <3 "

Kimmy - Twinsburg, OH

" This is an excellent tool to make beautiful designs by myself without spend a lot of money "


" My daughter is 8 and her nails are - to say the least - very small. This is the only product you can use on her nails and anything you paint or draw shows up EXCELLENT! Will be gifting for Christmas and be a lift long customer! "

Tina - Fort Worth, TX

" I am so happy with my Migi Nail Art products! I have had countless compliments on my nails, and I have been having fun doing my daughters' nails for school. They work so much better than traditional thin-brush nail art pens. I can't wait to order my free refills. All of this fun and creativity for all the girls in my family for less than the price of a single manicure for myself! "

Emily F. - Colorado Springs, CO

" This Migi Nail Art is magical product for busy women and girls you don't have to go to nail salon you do you own nails and designs I love it. "

anonymous - Willingboro, NJ

" I work in retail and people always notice my nails and comment on how pretty they look. My co-workers never know what my nails will look like from day to day. I love the nail art "

Gayle Poland - Sherman, TX

" I love Migi Nail Art<3!! It's so much fun & easy to use!! I am not an artist but with Migi Nail Art, my girls nails look like they were professional done!! There school teachers always comment on their nails, everyone just adore them!! "

Christabella, Roswell, NM

" I love these so much! I love all he different designs I can do too! "

Zhiane Dempsey - Purcell, OK

" Brought them today and tried them already! cant wait to order more! "

Camille - Middletown, CT

" I just got these today and couldn't wait to try them out! As soon as I got home I opened them up and started painting! Just free handing it... it is so fun! I just want to keep going, but I ran out of nails! I figure I will change them in a week or so! Can't wait to have a girls night and see what designs we can all come up with! Wonderful gift idea too! "

Melanie, Lost City, KY

" I love them! They are sooooooo cool! I got the neon one type things at the clay county fair in spencer iowa. and i love how you can get free refills and replacements! you will love yours! "

Casey - Eatherville, IA

" Just bought this product at SAMs Club and my daughters and I are loving it. I'm ready to go back and buy the neon colors. :) "

Cecy, Las Vegas Nevada

" i have got many comments. thank you "

Johnnie Bacon - Fort Worth, TX

" Love this item!!! Everyday I change colors to match the top I wear. People at banks, dept. stores, well just about everyplace I go, make positive comments on my nails. Hope this product never goes away. "

Karen Thompson

" we are having a great time with nailart. both of my grandchildren are just loving it. keep up the good work. "

Maggie - Baltomore, MD

" I love migi nail art! I use it on my little sister and myself. I have done many different designs from the simple five point flower to a palm tree and sunset. "

Chloe - Cuyahoga Falls, OH

" Picked up 3 packages just in time for a family wedding..did one hand in the white..looked very classy.the other hand in white but with pink flower petals and yellow centers..just cheers you up to look at your hand with all the flowers "

Robin - Frankfort, IL

" I purchased my Migi Nail Art colors at my local Sam's Club thinking it would be fun to play around with different designs. Little did I know I would become my family's full time nail designer on the side. My daughter, mother, and mother in law are all very good customers now as we have beauty parties with our Migi Nail Art! This is a fun product, and the best part is the free refill feature! Paint on!! "

April - Saint Joseph, MI

" Hello I received my very first sets of Migi nail art pens today. I will admit I couldn't wait to open the package to see if these would be just another product that didn't stand up to all that was said about them. I have ordered several other nail art pens. They have all let me down. So I decided to pay the few extra dollars to buy your pens & hoping they wouldn't let me down. I can't say enough on how HAPPY HAPPY ,JOY JOY IU am. These pens are so wonderful and go on so smoothly. I love them & I can't wait to buy many more. Then I love love the fact that there are free refills & replacements. So I will be so happy to pay the small shipment just to continue to receive these pens. Thank you "

Cynthia Melton - Achille, OK

" I've just purchased three sets because my 6 year old daughter loves to have her nail painted with decorative art. My only rule is "No chipped polish". So, Zorin removes her polish anytime a nail becomes chipped. This investment will save me a large amount of money over time. I just need to learn how to create the decorative art on the nails. Thanks MIGI nails. Take care, Betty "

Betty Gray - Milwaukee, WI

" Absolutely love the design of the pen and the fact that it can change into a simple nail polish is brilliant. i hope u guys come up with more colors b/c my collection is rapidly growing! "

Rayvin Graves - Baltimore, MD

" Just recently bought my kit and my daughter and I absolutely love it its easy to do and I can't wait to get another set the glow in the dark ones are on my list just wishing now I had more then 10 fingers and 10 toes to decorate its a blast and the designs are as far as your imagination can take you love this product keep up the good work and this is coming from someone who already has 60 colors of nail polish absolutely love them :-D "

Brandi Bell, Bellaire, OH

" I have all 3 of the sets and I love all of them! They are so easy to use and they make beautiful designs. I am 9 years old and I love design my nails with them!! "

Hope Turvaville - Bay City, WI

" Love this!!! A big money saver...no more nails salons for me!!! "


" I have been using this product for a full two years, and actually prefer this over a salon as I can do better designs without having to pay. I decorate my daughter's, neighbor's and coworkers' nails in holiday designs, french manicure, cartoon characters or rainbow cheetah print. Would like to see the company come out with a bigger selection of colors, maybe glitter or something else fun, but I have definitely had fun with what they have to offer. Plus, you can add nail polish remover, shake up, dump out and add your own color if you get bored. :) "

Nerissa - Endicott, NY

" I just love the migi nail art it is awesome good job. "

Denise Davis - Richmond, VA

" I love it and it's the best nail pens ever. Its almost like bringing the salon to you! "

Aimee - Milwaukee, WI

" I used this product and absolutely loved it!!! "

Michelle - Byrdstown, TN

" WOW! I thought it would be hard to do such complicated designs, but it looks like i just arrived from the nail salon! Love it!!! "

Ariella - Southington, CT

" I love these!!!!! i have had mine for about 2 years and is just now having to get a refill! The best part is the refills cost less than most nail polish and they are better! "

Grace - Columbus, OH

" the migi nail art system is AWESOME! i used it on my little sisters nails and it looks like she went to the nail salon. its great! "

Diria C.

" Migi Nail Art is fantastic! My 10 year old can even do designs. Greatest thing to invest my money in. There's not a lot of nail polish that gets wasted when using it....I love it! thanks to the lady at Sam's Club who sold it to me. "

Nancy - Grand Blanc, MI

" I love migi nail art.. I've been doing my daughters nails.. and my own posting pictures on facebook.. and alotta people like my work.. :) I'm having so much FUN!! "

Elphinstone, Manitoba, Canada

"I and my daughters, are very pleased with your product. It's easy to take with on a trip or carry in your purse for a touchup, if you happen to chip some color off. This is such a good idea to have the two colors in one pen. It will be neat to see what you come up with next.
Sincerely Autumn "

Autumn H. Junge - Battle Creek, MI

" I purchased a set of the nail art Sams... I absolutely love them, and they are super easy to use! I get complements on my nails all of the time. <3 "

Kenzie - Houston, TX

" I love your product, I gave it to my sister and her designs transformed into high quality designs she always dreamed of being able to do. I wrote about it on my blog too. "

Bailey Shafer - Placentia, CA

" Great product! My 6 year old and I love it. So fast and easy to do and it looks great! This is definitely an item I will be stocking up on for birthday presents!! "

Bri - Minot, ND

" My daughter had used the Migi Nail Art and loved it. She went to get a pedicure sometime after that, and the lady at the salon complimented her toe polish! she thought she had had it done at the salon! "

Nancy Dillman - Montgomery, IL

" I am so happy to finally find a nail art pen that even I can use. I was severely burned on my left hand, and can not use a regular nail art brush, so this makes it super easy thank you Migi Nail Art. "

Angie Gaul - Chillicothe, OH

" I love this product, I had to buy all 3 sets. I wanted this for my birthday, and my hubby bought it for me and I am so happy with this. It is easy to use and store. It makes my nails very pretty without going to pay to get them done now. thanks. "

Stephanie D, Indianapolis, IN.

" I am really interested to learn more designs because it's easy and smooth, neat to design any pattern. "

Magali - South Richmond Hill, NY

" I love it so much, because it is easy to design quickly and create and smooth thank and will get more of these. "

Magali - South Richmond Hill, NY

" these are BRILLIANT. fantastic idea. high quality makes them very worth it. pen format gives great control easy to use and compact making them great for taking on the go. i seriously LOVE these. i am hoping to get the glow in the dark set soon. ^_^ the refill deal is phenomenal as well. "

Kristen Bonifield - Monroe, OH

" i have been very pleased with this product . it is easy to use , and i can do it myself . thank _ you "

Karen Barr - Perkinsville, VT

" I love our migi nail art kit! My daughter is a huge Monster High fan & I was able to paint the skull on her nails with no problem. With this kit you save lots of money from going to a salon & paying for designer nail art. We can just do it ourselves at home! We <3 it!! Now we are planning a pedi party with my daughters friends! "

Tori Brummett - Kingsport, TN

" Hey every one I'm having lots of fun with Migi nail art you can design your nails any kind off way "

Shammy, Jackson County, Kansas City, MO

" Migi Nail Art is great! If I could recommend a color set, I would recommend the silver collection, because it has all of the solid colors. The solid colors look great on neon solid base colors. You would think it is really hard but it is not. I am only 12. Once you can do the basic flower (6 dots), you will be able to do anything. It is cheap and affordable and is great for any activity. Plus, you get free refills!!!!!!! "


" I love the Migi nails <3333 I can do way more designs that I want to and I watch youtube viedos to get lots of great designs! I think that you should get on because u wont regret it :DDD "


" great !! I like it "

Sarasoti Subedi - Waterford, MI

" I bought this about a week ago, and I think I’m in love! I get so many compliments on my nails. The drawing tips are so easy to use and with a little imagination the designs are endless. I got 8 fun colors for the price that I would pay for just 1 pen at the drugstore. And the refill program is almost to good to be true, so I was skeptical at first. But for just the price of shipping you really do get the 2 refill colors. I love Migi! "

Aubrey - Greencastle, PA

" I love these products! The colors are really great and I use them as my base nail polish colors as well as adding some pop with the pen feature. Thanks (: "

Paula - IL

" The Migi Nail Art products make interesting nail art easy and fun. There are so many colors and the possibilities are endless. With the pen end ,and practice, the artwork that you see on the outside of the Migi Nail box is easily achievable. "

Snowflake, AZ

" Just bought migi nail art @ SAMs Club and my grandaughter and I just painted our nails red,white & blue for the fourth of July holiday! it's fun and easy..love it! "

Deb - Kansasville, W

" Bought one of the nail polish packs a few days before the 4th of July Painted the USA flag on my left hand ring finger nail. I thought I would struggle to do it, but I did not at all., and it looks FABULOUS. OMG, I LOVE THESE NAIL POLISHES!!! "

Leida - Tampa, FL

" Its great, tricky at first but you gain the skill of making nails look perfect(: "

Susan - Camden, DE

" These are great! I love the tips instead of the brushed to make the designs. "

Ginger Belknap - Gatesville, TX

" This product is so great and fun to use. Me and my kids sat up till 1am panting our nails when we ran out of nails we got pillow cases and drew megs on them for their father who is out of town most of the time it is so fun to do and easy try it i think u will love it. "

Ashley Harrris - Chickasaw, AL

" I went out of town to a summer camp at a college and the girls loved my nails so much that they begged me to paint theirs! I spent my last night of camp painting everyone's nails until 2:00am!!! Thanks "

Makala - St. Louis, MO

" love this product the colors are magnificent and so easy to use i've been using them since i was 10 another wonderful cosmetic from Migi "

Kaitlyn - ND

" I just got this nail set for my birthday and I love it. My friends and I had so much fun. I had to design everyone's nails before they left my party. My mom loves the nail art too! "

Julia - Cobden, IL

" Berly Yesterday I Bought Them And They Are Awesome This is Coming Fro A 11 Year Old Girl ! I Love Them! I Also Have The Dead Sea Treatment MY MOM LOVES IT! And I Also Have The Migi Top Coat ! It Works Really Good I Love The Nail Art Tip I Had To Buy Other Nail Art Tips It Didnt Work AT ALL! So I Found These At Sam's Club & Started To Pleaded For My Mom To Get It I Have To Wash The Dishes But Its Worth It Cause I'll Still Have BEAUITIFUL NAILS! <3 "

Emily - Huntington Beach, CA

" I love these pens! So easy and quick. I can even do my 4yr old daughters nails in cute designs... she is so excited and actually sits still, lol! Love it! Can't wait to present the fundraising info to our PTO. "

Lisa G - Du Quoin, IL

" my godmother bought this for me i love doing nails and this makes it so much fun and easyer!! i asked her to buy my more its a must have for girls that love being old how amazing their nails look "

Elene Balleza

" i love it i make duckys witch is my favorite but i make palm trees and ladybug and much much more i used to hate doing my nails but now i love it this is the best thing u could ever buy "

Kim - Roswell, NM

" my daughter has tons of fun with this because she always has her nails painted all kinds of ways if that is possible "

Kimberly - Bryan, TX

" Took my kit up camp with me this past weekend. The girls (including my 7 & 11 year old nieces) had a blast with the three kits I purchased at Sam's! Thanks! "

Kim - Jeannette, PA

" bought nail art for my daughters and granddaughters they love it !! its so much fun.. sure to enjoy for many monthes!!! to come "

Virginia Smith - Morgantown, WV

" My 13 year old daughter held a MigiNail Art Birthday party..,whatta hit! The girls had a blast painting eachother's nails, and with the on-line ideas the choices were endless! Thanks, MigiNailArt.com!!! "

Sandy - MN

" I am very happy with this products it is easy to do an fun "

Lisa Hoitt - East Province, RI

" Goodness this stuff is great I recommend it for ALL ages!!!!!!!!!!! "

Nashville, TN

" My grandmother bought me the kit & I love it. I can't put it down! :) lol "

Tyanna - Atlanta, Ga

" I absolutely love Migi Nail Art. It is easy to use and very cheap in orders and just to buy. I first bought it at a store and said I wonder if they will be fun and guess what, it really was. Migi Nail Art is a must I believe if you are going nail polish shopping "

Kennedy Webster - Groves, MI

" I love the pen brush combo. I used them to make a cow print. I think I will do a butterfly next. "

Encino, CA

" Hi my name is Erica N. I receive this on May 5 at my birthday party. I am 10 yrs and it was so easy and fun to use. I did everyone nails at the party. They all liked their nails when I was finished. I asked my Mom to buy more kits so that I can pass them out to the other girls when they have their birthday. Thank you so much. This is fun and easy to use. "

Erica N. - Lumberton, NC

" I got these from my mom for new years because i had a sleep over and i absolutely love them! Im 13 and its so easy to use them and do the opposite hand! You can also use it to decorate other things! "


" I bought this for my 3 daughters (16, 14, 12) for Easter and they love it! Very easy to use and the designs are salon quality! "

Carmel, NY

" I love your pens and polish! People give me so much compliments on my nails! They think I have fake nails or that I have stickers on! "

Diamond Waters - Orlando, FL

" OMG! MigiNailArt is amazing! I skeptically purchased from a vendor at the Colorado Mile High Flea Market figuring it would be too difficult to do once I got home and would likely sit on shelf gathering dust after a botched attempt or two. NOPE! Migi is sooo easy to use that even my 7 year old daughter can make her own designs. Their customer service is outstanding (they immediately shipped out a replacement velvet eyeliner that I purchased at the same time - since it was flowing poorly.) And their refill/replacement program is out of this world. Where else can you get 2 nail art pens for only the low shipping price of $2.99?! This company is scam-free. They are honest people with an honest product that surpasses performance expectations....and they do it for a better-than-honest price. Incredible product, incredible value....and if anyone was wondering, I am in no way being compensated for this testimonial. In fact, I have never been compelled to give a testimonial for any other product I have ever used. I am just so thrilled that I want everyone to know how fabulous Migi really is!
Thank you Migi for a great product!"

Ann Dornfeldt - Englewood, CO

" I purchased these products less than a month ago, and am so very impressed with them. The polish stays flexible, so it is quite chip resistant. Many of my friends have now purchased their own, since I started decorating their nails. I am so very, very satisfied with my polish, it's even great as craft paint! I am a permanent customer :)!!!! "

Julie B. - Aberdeen,ID

" supper happy i use it already so much fun and easy to use i will share with my friend sonia i love it and free refill super thanks "

Luz - Saint Cloud, FL

" This nail design system is fool-proof and easy to use. Definitely better then regular nail brushes. It makes professional designs easy for EVERBODY!!! "

Santa Rosa, CA

" I love the mini nail art kit it is so fun because u get to make your own design and make some of your own it is fun and people will want you to do there nails "

Dashianna Hurst - Norfolk, VA

" It is going to be Easter in the United States, so I drew eggs on my nails. Seeing those decorated eggs reminds me that Easter is coming up. "

Betty Liem, - CA

" First time using and was easy to do. Followed the easy instructions and my granddaughter was pleased to show all her friends. Would purchase again! "

Darcey Peterson - Arena, WI

" I bought Migi Mail for my 5 year old daughter and she is so happy that she can have a different design on each nail!! Even my 2 year old gets her fingers in there... we have done christmas trees, flowers, snowflakes, and are going to do easter eggs this weekend! I even enjoy playing with them as well. "

April - London, Ontario, Canada

" I just LOVE the migi nail art nail polishes. i love how they can help you draw awesome nail designs. i just finished drawing Easter eggs and an Easter bunny on my nails and they look AMAZING! Thank you so much for this wonderul creation! "

Zimmer, Co

" I bought this for my grand daughter. She loves it. I am amazed at all the different designs she can put together. She tells me the pens are so much more precise than the small art brushes she has tried to use in the past. Thanks for making an ole grandpa look so "cool". "

Dale Wren - OK

" I love this I do my own nails, no more nail salons. "

Carol Hill

" I absolutely, positively LOVE my Migi Nail Art kit, my grandma got for me after another design kit wasn't working. I amaze all my friends with my new designs!! THANK YOU MIGI NAIL ART!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! "

Amanda - Aurora, CO

" My 2 yr old daughter and I love your product! Thanks for providing free refills. What a great idea!! :) "

Cristin - Yukon, OK

" love this product i had lot's of good coments about my nails. "

Polly Williams

" I just bought it and I am loving it !!!!!! "

Ana - Westfield, NJ

" My step mom bought me it and i love it but dont know how to do the decoration... lol "

Summer - Keystone Height, FL

" My grandmother bought me these for Christmas. She always gets us kids something fun! I've been having so much fun! I have no artistic skill whatsoever, and these designs are very simple for me! Great product! Lots of fun! All my sisters love having their nails done! Having fun!! "

Megan - Dallas, T

" this is the easiest way to do my nails and they have a pamplete that shows how to do it but all i have to say is that this miginailart is awesome with great color. !!!! cant wait for more colors. !!! :-) "

Jordyn - New Tampa, FL

" I love Migi Nail Art!! I just got them and I adore my kits! I got the black collection and french manicure kits. My sister got the glow in the dark and silver collection kits. I painted my nails and I'm surprised at how easy it was. I am as happy as any customer could be. "


" I am having my eleventh birthday and my grandparents got this for me. I opened this as an early present and was so excited. So easy to use. I used to have so much trouble making my nails look nice but I used this and painted a clear coat over it and stayed on for weeks. So awesome you should try. "

Jessica Baladino

" I have had alot of fun using the migi nail art pens and have purchased sets for friends and family who are interested in the creativity one can have with these pens. I love how I can order refills and other colors so inexpensively. Thank you!!!! "

Spokane, WA

" It's the best!!!!! I'm a 32 year old mom and have 6 girls and all we do is paint our nails. When I purchased Migi Nail Art it was the best thing for us. Now we draw flowers, pet paws, and all kinds of cute things on our nails. We love Migi Nail Art!!!!!!!!!:) "

Takiesha G. - Richton Park, IL

" I bought these for my daughter for her birthday. She changes her nail polish at least 3 times a week and she absolutely loves them. She loves all the new designs she can do. Thanks so much Brenda "

Brenda - Pittsfield, MA

" I have been using Migi Nail Art for two weeks now. I have the silver collection. They are so much fun. I plan on getting more of the collection so I have more colors to polish and decorate with. This product is awesome. Thanks "

Rita Rosen - MI

" I love it! I can not draw, paint or even paint a wall correctly. But i absolutly love these paint pens and the paper work you gave allowed me to paint nails at a birthday party for six yr old and a bridal shower and all where happy with my work .. Thank you i love these! "

Cynthia Ricke - Gainesville, FL

" I have been practicing my own nail art for about a year but couldn't do the really neat, intricate designs that others were doing because I was only using brushes. I watched the demonstration at my local Sam's Club and bought them instantly! The colors are amazing and the quality is great and, best of all, now I can do those designs! This is a great way to take my hobby to the next level! "

Caroline - Milford, MI

" I bought MigiNailArt just lastnight & both my 12yr old daughter & I love it. It saves money & it gives me a chance to spend more time with my daughter as we paint eachothers nails. "

Dallas, TX

" I just picked the gold kit up from Sam's this afternoon. I love it. I've already been trying some designs and it's so much fun. Right now I have the copper/pink color as base with the green on the tips with green dots. LOVE! "

Courtney, GA

" this is wonderful i like it "

Ereeny - Jersey City, NJ

" I've always done designs on my nails, usually by dipping a pencil in nail polish, but this nail art kit makes it so much easier. I'm able to create finer details and get more creative. My most recent design is a dragon for Chinese New Year, but I've also done playing cards- Kings included. "

Sabrina Riley

" I love my Migi Nail Art kit. I use it all the time and get lots of good comments about my nails. "

Lenora - Lansing, MI

" I got Migi Nail Art for Christmas, and I absolutely LOVE it. I have done designs on me, my mom, and my friends! I love Migi Nail Art!!! "

Dakota Kautz - Tamarac, FL

" I LOVE migi nail art i got it for christmas and i clicked on design studio and ive always wanted to know how to do cheetah print but i couldnt figure it out so i went to design studio and saw that they had cheetah print tutorial so i did cheetah nails today and they look just like the picture especially because i used the same colors and ive also done zebra print, polka dots, plaid, candy canes, and smiley faces all great!! And im right handed and ive gotten better writing with my left "


" This is a great product fun and easy to use, it has made my friends frequently ask to see what nail design I currently did, I love it !!! "


" It has been fun having migi nail art at home and decorate your nail. my daughter and I had a great time with it. "

Adelina - Cary, IL

" I was excited to take home my migi nail art pens after purchasing them, but wasn't able to play with them until Christmas. I was able to create a outdoor scene on one nail! My snowman looked too cute with his top hat and scarf. "

Tawnya - Kent, WA

" When i saw the demostration i got facinate with the kit. I bought one and I used it right away. It's fun and easy to use. Now I could it in my own home with waiting long hours or paying extra for a design. Thanks a lot! "

Zory - Bronx, NY

" I always wanted to create awesome nail designs but never had the tools. At a state fair a sales girl caught my attention and put the cutest little flower on my finger nail using Migi. I was hooked. I use mine all the time and get tons of compliments. I love these nail art pens. "

Nici - Lakewood, WA

" So awesome love them "


" My grandson hates to have his toenails clipped and when I showed him my finger nail art he wanted some on his toes, I said he needed his nails clipped first and he let me... then the fun began! "

Nancy Anderson - Mankato, MN

" I love Migi! It is so easy and fun. I can do my nails AND my little sisters nails. It is just so cool and amazing! "

Breanna - El Paso, TX

" I love the fact that you can do so many complex-looking designs that are actually really easy to do. The free refills are awesome too. if you're not sure whether or not buy these, it's a great product that works and you should for sure get them. :) "

Hayley - Elk River, MN

" I love MigiNailArt! It is so fun and simple. I recieved MigiNailArt from my grandmother for Christmas and I have to admit it has been the best present by far. I would just die if i misplaced my MigiNailArt it has become a routine of my life and I absolutely adore it! <3 "

anonymous - OH

" I am very happy with this new product my doughter get this for christmas we play a lot and now i use for me very nice and easy to use "

anonymous - Lorton, VA

" I love migi nail art... I have 18 of them. I love all the colors. I cant wait to get all of the colors to use... "

Tayler - Herriman, UT

" so i got the silver package of these for christmas, and i love them so much! i tend to grow my nails out, but im a little tough on them so they tend to break easily. but migi nail art pens work great with for both short and long nails! i decided to get on you tube to find some cool ideas, (: anyways i really love these nail art pens, and i am soon going to try your cosmetics because my friend recomended your eyeliner! so thank you for inventing these wonderful products!! "

Payton Linkogle - Noblesville, IN

" I absolutely love this product! I got it as a gift for Christmas and I have had so much fun! I have been doing my own nails for a long time and have never been able to do the designs and intricate patterns like I can with the nail pen! I would recommend this product to anyone who wants beautiful nails! "

Jennifer A. - Tampa, FL

" Migi nails art is so much fun. now i can design my nails myself. i love migi and i can't wait to show my nails to my friends "

Amanda Duo - Apple Valley, MN

" iHave Soo Much ore Things To Do To My Nials Now That iHave Migi Nail Art Plus I Never Have Too Buy Nail Polish Again "

Shania - Windsor, Ct

" They are sooo fun! :) "

Chloe - Appleton, WI

" I am excited to have my very own migi nail art collection. I am just going to keep building my collection. "

Aaliyah - Newark, NJ

" Just got these as a Christmas gift! WOW are they amazing! So easy to use and helps you look like your a nail pro! <3 IT!!! "

anonymous - AZ

" wow I love these so cool I asked my if I can get them all she said yes
I wish they sold these in stores. "

Cassie - Columbia, SC

" My nails are very small but on small nails also i was able to do nail art. It is very easy to make designs... my daughter also likes it very much. I am so happy that i purchased this product. IT IS AMAZING... AWESOME "

Geetaa - East Windsor, CT

" I love all of the neon colors!! They are the bomb diggety!! I used it for my dance last week and everyone bought it right after I told them where to buy it!! Thank you so much I love them!! "

Caroline - Westborough, MA

" I love your nails products I would love to purchase some. "

Violet - West Palm Beach, FL

" I love this product. Your product makes painting my nails fun. I am a kindergarten teacher and my students look to see what I have done to my nails each week. They love the different designs I can create with this product. Thank you for creating this product and I am anxious to get more sets in the future. "

Robin Van Demark - El Paso, TX

" I have been waiting to get these because I was given good reviews from friends who have them. I am a new nail tech who loves artwork, so I got them today and Man they are wonderful I will reccommend these to everyone I know... Plus I am sure I am going to get good reviews from clients for there nail art thanks to MIGI ! Try Them you wont be dissapointed at all:) "

Heather Egler - Carroll, OH

" I'm amazed at how quickly I received my free refills by mail! "

Pam Hogue - New Casle, PA

" I Bougth your product and made my doughter's nails. She loved it! all her friends are asking how did she get her nails so cute. Well, we told them about Migi Nail Art!. We love this product!!!!!! "

Mirla Conlon - Eagan, MN

" This works! I love it! I bought the neon set about 2 years ago, and they STILL WORK! My sister loves to use then at her parties. It's awesome! Thanks! "

anonymous - NY

" It is so fun. Me and my daughter make different designs all the time. It`s a creative art. "

Tanvi Gupta - Eagan, MN

" I just brought my Migi Nail Art set today and I was able to do a great design on my niece's nails. I love this system is has made nail art easy and fun!! "

Janet Brown - West Chester, OH

" OMG this product is the best. i used it on myself and now i can't put this down. whenever i paint my nails i can never wear them for more than 2 days and do it again."

Jade - Wading River, NY

" Brought a 3pk of the migi nail art for my 11 yr old daughter and she LOVES it everyday she does her nails with different designs she can't believe how easy it is even with using her left hand (she's right handed) so thanks Migi Nail art for a great birthday gift."

Dee - NY

" i'm just saying that i am SOOOO excited to get my 4 sets. i'm promising myself if i grow out my nails by christmas i would buy those 4 sets (safari, white,gold,silver) right now i am saving up i have $38.01 in total. (waiting until christmas for the christmas money) i am only 11 years old and i am overly excited to purchase the items. i admire all the designs i saw so far including holiday nails to pop can nails. ^_^ "

Jamie - Ramsey, MN

" I've spent tons of money buying nail art stuff and they were all pretty horrible. Finially i gave up and went to a salon and spent more money there! Then i went to the state fair and i saw Migi art pens. At first i thought 'ya right like I'm spending $25 on more junk' but i looked closer and fell in love! I have a set and just bought the other two. Its worth it for nail polish and nail pens it obe! Not to mention free refils ;) "

Kat - MN

" These are so easy to use and make nails look great! "

Monica - Coventry,, CT

" Bought a set of Magi Nail polish for my daughter ...well, I ended back up with it and one day sat down and painted a spider web, pumpkin, Christmas tree, leopard print and a ghost and so many people in the family and at work said they were awesome....wanted me to do theirs too! It is too fun and the tutorials are fun and informative to watch...very helpful! Loving this product! "

Jacque Bain - North Little Rock, AR

" I just started using Migi Nail Art products and will never use another product again! Not only do they pass the bar by giving you the option of using the brush or pen tip at any given time, but their polish's are high quality and make for a clean finish. I highly recommend these for novice nail artists and professionals alike. "

Tiona Shuffelen - Bellingham,, WA

" i think miginailart is so fun i like doing zebra print you should get it "


" I recently purchased this item and had a problem with it. I will say that their customer service is amazing! Will definitely recommend their product to my friends. Just knowing that a company will go out of its way to make sure their customers are satisfied is good enough for me :) Besides my nails have never looked better! "

AnnaMarie - Lindenhurst, NY

" I love this product. Its so easy, fast and accurate to use. I bought the Migi Nail Art at the South Florida Fairgrounds Home Show. The guy made it look so easy. He did the art on one of my nails. I didn't buy it that same day. ( Sat ). I kept looking at the flower on my nail saying to myself wow this is what I pay for at the Nail Salon. I could save money and do this myself. So I went back on Sunday and bought three different boxes, plus the clear with stones and the nail file. I love this product and my nails look great. :) "

Simone - West Palm Beach, FL

" i love migi nail art stuff it's cool "

Robin Davis - Arnolds Park, IA

" I just purchased my Migi Nail Art at the State Fair. The Lady was very nice and created an example on my nail. She made it look easy. I tried it myself and wow it is easy. Looking forward to try other designs on my nails. . "

Sylvia - Columbia, SC

" Like most of you, I purchased my kit at the State Fair 3 weeks ago. I am amazed that the design I was shown how to paint was very easy and is still on all ten nails today. My co-workers think I pay someone to do my nails, I tell them its Migi nail and that I paint them myself. I am ready to clean off this design and do something for Halloween. "

Connie Russell - Clearwater, FL

" I love migi nail art I can do a whole bunch of designs for me and also for my kids there nice and neat not sloppy. There wonderful and it comes with nice colors. I love em my kids love em :) "

Sasha - Springfield, MA

" I love migi nail art. I do my nails everyday. I wish now I had gone to nail school years ago. Love them. "

Alberta Cody - Anson, ME

" We have used these in the past and my daughter loves them. "

Bonnie Adolt - Windham, NH

" I bought my migi nail art system at the local fair. My friend that was with me thought it was funny, and didn't think it was a good product, but I have really enjoyed using my pens. Even though I don't know how to draw well I've been able to create designs that get noticed and get compliments on my nails all the time. "

Cynthia - Tacoma, WA

" I love, love, love my Migi Nail Art pens. I'm definitely not a pro at nail designs but these pens make it really easy. I love the dual tips because it actually makes it easier to handle the pen when it's longer. "

Joanna - Belleville, NJ

"I attended the Norfolk County Fair and was given a demonstration on one of my nails. The polish was dry in only a few minutes and never budged or smudged for days. I have horses and many other animals and my hands are always in water and doing rough work. The design held up and stayed beautiful much longer than I thought it ever would. I love the nail art pens and would recommend them to any woman with a taste for fun and adventure. My daughter and I spend a lot of fun quality time together designing each others nails too. I can't see how anyone could ever have a complaint about this product. It is fun, fast, artistic, and high quality."

Port Rowan, Ontario, Canada

" I bought nail art a few years ago didn't really use it and gave it to my nail lady. This year went back to the fair bought the nail art again having so much fun with it. Coworks and I are doing each others nails they LOVE LOVE LOVE it. They want one too. I also work in a pediatric dental office and my kids love it. "

Erica R. - Arcadia, CA

" this is great... i always wanted to do his kinda nail art... now with mininailart i am doing one... "


" I am new to the Migi Nail Art stuff and I am having so much fun I even did my own designs which were the bumble bee, a butterfly, pocka dots, and other types of styles so I woudn't call myself a pro or any thing but I am getting better at doing my nails and one day I can do my moms nails and some other people in my family and that is why I like Migi Nail Art !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! "

Jaziya Merced - Springfield, MA

" I just purchased this product yesterday and I aboslutley love it. It is so easy to use and so much fun too! I would recommend this to everyone, from the young to the old! I can't wait to play with this more and get even better at designs! "

Vanessa - MA

" I compared Migi Nail Art to Sally Hansen Pens and by the looks of it Migi is better! With Migi you get 8 base coats (using the brush) and 8 design tips (using the pen tip) for $25. With Sally Hansen you have to buy the base coat $8- $10 and the design pen $8- $10 and you only get one of each. Also with Migi you get the free refill and replacement program where with Sally Hansen if you run out you have to go spend $8- $10 AGAIN! "

Kylie - Wichita, KS

" I love Migi Nail Art me and my friends have so much fun. When we have sleepovers the first thing we do is paint our nails. "

anonymous - Los Angeles, CA

" I had a sample nail done at the Eastern States Exposition/The Big E Sept, 2011. I just LOVED it...so much that I purchased the set of 3 boxes to give to my 11 year old neice for Christmas this year. I also started ordering the pastel pens - 2 colors at a time, so she'll have those colors as well. I think she will LOVE these. I might have to visit her every once in awhile so I can try them out. They look easy to use once you have the hang of it and I like that there is no mess involved. My sister in law will appreciate that part. Thanks for a fun product for adults as well as young people. "

Caroline McAleer - West Springfield, MA

" i lovee yourr naill polishhh "


" I love Migi Nail Art Pens! They are so much fun to use and create fun designs. I Used to have these bottles of some other brand of nail polish with a fine tip brush but I felt like I had no control over where the brush was moving. Now, I love to create fun designs with these pens. Simply amazing. "

Sonnie - Napa, CA

" The migi nail art kit is amazing it is the most fun i have had doing my nails i use it almost every day always making great little dissing s and getting complements all the time. people are always asking me, were did you get your nails done there so cute, and when i tell them i did it my self they can believe it. The best product in the world. "

Brisia - Albuquerque, NM

" I just received my 2nd migi nail art kit. Now I have 16 colors and I have never had so much fun!!! I am getting real good at drawing things on my nails and everyone I know!!! "

Kathleen - Bayport, MN

" lol i love u guys. I did alot of videos with the nail art. "

Erica Jelovcic - Masspquea Park, NY

" I<3 ove this thing mainly the glow in the DARK!!!!! "

Los Angeles, CA

" I actually bought my set from big E And I love it..I wasted my money on many nail polishes or get my nails done when I can make my own design at home. Everyone tells me I'm good at designing so I started to do it at home and to my friends and family. This was the most amazing And non messy product I've purchased recently and can't wait to show it off. "

Beenish - East Haven, CT

" I have had a great time adding wonderful art to my friends nails. This stuff is sooooo much fun! "

Tessa - Guthrie, OK

" Thanks for such a great product, my daughter loves painting her nails and my nails. Gives great mother daughter time when mother is dying with cancer, great bonding and moments to remember for her. Thanks. "

Lisa - OH

" I love my migi nail art. I love it so much that everytime I see new colors come out, I purchase them right away. The designs you can make are endless and so much fun. The color also stays longer that normal nail polish. Thank you Migi Nail Art for being fabulous and making me fabulous!! xoxo "

Lori - Port Saint Lucie, Florida

" These pens are amazing. I used to always have problems painting my nails neatly with other nail polishes and when I went to paint my nails with the migi pen they painted on perfectly and the fact that it also has a designing tip makes it twice as good... "

Haylie - St.Paul, Minnesota

" i think that it is so cool and so smart. i will use this for the rest of my life.
Thanx for the great product!!! "


" I love how thin the line draws! I have used nail polish pens before and it just drips and slops all over the place. These pens are GREAT!!! I love the refill program, and the selection of colors! The service is excellent! "


" This product is such fun and so easy to use! My first time, I painted lady bugs on my toenails! And, the polish lasted on my nails for a month! "

Mary Hasapis - Sacramento, CA

" I like how the nail polish comes out of a needle instead of a small brush. The detail brushes don't stay consistent if you don't press down on them and you don't get that with the migi nails. some of the tubes got hard to squeeze after a while, but I think that was because I didn't clean them every time. "


" great, easy to use nail design and painter! "


" Our 6 year old grand daughter is having so much fun doing all our nails, it is easy and creative. "


" My daughter, granddaughter and I have had so much fun with this product doing our nails. We get together at least once a week to do something different. its easy and its fun. "


" I love my Migi Nail Art deco pen's so much!I thank you so much for giving me the opportunity to review your wonderful product's! "

Valeen - Belchertown, MA

" i love them because i just used them and my nails look great already got complements "

Allie - Oswego, NY

" I love Migi Nail Art! I'm so glad someone has come out with this unique, simple, easy and fun way for ME to paint my own nails! No more salons for me! I'm getting married on Halloween this year and I'm going to have fun painting festive designs on all of my nails! I love your Free Refill program (for life) too! I love all of the wonderful colors, it's hard to choose just one for a favorite! "

Heather Lovatt-Parker - CA

" I have seen this product at our Iowa State Fair for many years and I have always bit my nails (as well as my 7 year old) and I said when I stop biting I would purchase these! Well, after 27 years, I stopped biting and this year I finally got to purchase these and I am SOOO excited!! I am using this as an incentive for my daughter now to stop biting so we can make her nails pretty too! Thank you for making such a wonderful product and keep up the good work!! :) "

M.F. - IA

" I LOVE MY NAIL ART! It's a quick and easy way to do nail art. I absolutely love it!!! "

Hannah - Springfield, IL

" I love my Migi nail art pens. They are so simple to use and the polish lasts a lot longer than the Sally Hansen Nail Art pens you can buy at WalMart. When I use SH pens, the color looks grainy, and chips almost immediately. Migi nail polish has a staying power I really appreciate, and I get so many compliments on how great my nails look! "

Jennifer Howard - Strawberry Pt,, IA

" This product is the best! I am so very hapy that i found this product and a local fair. "


" We love these pens... We have so much fun with them. My daughter is 12 and we are always doing fun designs and we have pedi and mani night with her girlfriends. So fun to see their creations. Thanks so much "


"I got my Migi nail art set at the Erie county fair in NY, The lady who sold me my kit was very sweet, and really did not have to do much convincing for me.This nail polish has lasted on my fingers for almost a week without chipping, and it is very affordable. When I got home I did my nails right away, and it was so easy, I also painted my two year old's nails on her fingers and toes, she has ducks on her toes and shows them to everyone, the fact that she is two and has ducks on her toes should tell anyone how simple this product is to use! My only problem is that one of my colors are very watery, but i truly believe that it is just a bad luck defect and when I go to the fair again I have no doubt that I will be either given a new pen or taken care of.
Thank You, "

Brianca - Buffalo, NY

" this product is sooo much fun me and my friends sit up all night trying different designs! "


" My 8 year old just brought a kit home from the state fair and we have not put it down yet. Can't wait to get more colors. And she paints without the mess now. Love making new designs and showing them off. I will never again buy ordinary nail color. "

Shay & Alexis - WI

" i love my new migi nail art set i did two color split "

Tiffany - NY

" really cool "

Kelsey - Lancaster, NY

" Wow. I just got Migi Nail Art today at the County Fair. Absolutely LOVING IT! I am totally recommending it to anyone who wants quick, easy nails at salon quality and GREAT prices....AND WHO DOESN'T??!! Thanks Migi Nails!! P.S Can't wait for the crackle nail polish! "

Stephanie - Hamburg, NY

" I love my migi nail art, I always get great comments on my art work on my toenails. It's fun and easy and my last art work was an ant running across my big toe. Great for summer! "

Suzanne - WI

" its awsome i can do anything on my nails with these and getting refills and newcolors for only 3 dollars for life is great!! "

Charlotte - Seattle, WA

" I was amazed at how easy it was to make ladybugs on my toe nails! I love my kit! "

Mary Hasapis - Sacramento, CA

" hi these pens rock i love them its just so much easier than a skinny brush!!! the tips are wonderful! i just wish there was more desins some times i just cant think of aa desine! anyway they are awesome!!!!!!! "

Erica Forsythe

" I purchased this product at the Ohio State Fair today and my girls ages 15, 17, and 19 are having a blast! "

Julie Arthur - Danville, OH

" I love this it really helps you dont have to go to a salon or anything stay home do your nails its fantistic! "


" I LOVE migi nail art pens!! They are so convenient!! They have so much to choose from!! I love the neon pack!! The colors are so bright!! I love doing the awesome designs i can do with needle part!! And I also love that you can get free replacements and refills!!! :) "

Brentany Page

" just purchased yesterday....having so much fun...love this "


" i love the nail art i change it all the time "

Amber - Union City

" wonder full just dont forget to buy extra tips because they break easily and have trobble with it so do so these are great gift i got mine as a gift "

Amber, Union City

" My Daughter and I love this product so much. she knows that nail painting and the art is her time with me. thank you migi nail art. "

Babita - Ceres, CA

" I am a male student (American Institute) who bought you product at the Orlando Premiere Show, since then when I did my first nail art with your pens I have gotten return customers wanting me to do more art on their nails and it has greatly improved my art work, thank you alot.
Sincerely Pierre"

Pierre, Hal

" These pens are THE BEST PURCHASE I HAVE EVER MADE!!! They are so easy to use, and so much fun! Even the most uncreative person will enjoy these whether they are a treat to yourself or a gift to your friends. EVERYONE will love these- you wont be able to get enough. "


" so perfect for my young girls to do each other's nails safely and neatly! "


" it makes designing on your nails more easy!!! "


" These are just the coolest nail polish kits ever, all of them, even if your're not artistic, anything goes cuz it's all about being different, making your own signature designs and having just plain fun. Skip the nail salon. Can't wait for the crackle!!! "

OH Realtor

" Wow , what sold me was how fast and easy you can do a french manicure with the nail art.. I just get my manicure and come home, and do my own french manicure, its awesome, "


" Its awesome, its fun and soo......cool "


" i am a huge fan! my mother and i have been useing these pens for years at local fairs and fundraisers.... to raise much needed money for our schools! they were easy to use even when we were just starting! "

Robin - Moosup, CT

" So this is my first day with the Migi Nail Art set. I have made some pretty simple designs so far and I cannot wait to gain more experience with this fun leisure time activity. Painting nails is a relaxing thing for me and intricate art makes it all the more wonderful. I can tell this company is making its way towards it's peek of success. "

Chelsey - GA

" AMAZING!! I have been VERY satisfied with my pens. I used them for a musical when I painted stars and stripes on my nails. I am not very good at that sort of thing but these nail pens were easy to use and quick!! "

Laura A - Lexington, KY

" My Migi Nail Art is so perfect. I redo my nails every other day. "


" I have a 15 year old who can make an awful mess. This product makes it easier not to. We get to do our nails and have fun together. Thank you for quality time I get to spend with my teenage girl. Migi Nail Art is a great product "


" I love your nail art sets!!! They are so easy to use! I love playing with them and coming up with new designs. Thank you!!!'n "

Natalie - Sumter, SC

" These nail art pens are soo amazing..Im an artist already and have worked in some tattoo shops and doing art shows and i am so amazed by how well these are with being able to do details and stuff...I absolutly love them and have recommended them to everyone i know and its a fun and easy tool to use for anyone from non artistic to the next picasso painter...Thanks guys you've made a life customer out of mee "

Gillian In - Fairfield, CA

" I am 14 years old and I absolutely love my MIGI nail art pens! They are one of the best inventions ever. So easy to use and fun to show off all your new designs to your friends! You can draw seasonal designs or things that interest you. I have every set and it is one of the best of the best investments I have ever made! Honestly! I would give this product 10 out of 10 stars! "


" I love LOVE LOVE this product!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! All my friends say that I should be a Nail artist someday! My mom says that someday when I'm an a adult I should open my own Nail Art store! I have nothing bad to say about this product!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I love MNA!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! "

Brooke - Findlay, OH

" Hi my name is Amya Hankins. I'm 11 years old and I love to do nails. I don't have the design pens because my parents don't have enough money to buy them. Anywho I've watched tons of videos using it and I'd like to give a try. Also I think the nail polish colors are flabbergasting!!!! "

Amya Hankins - Lousiana

" I LOVE MIGI NAIL ART SOOOO MUCH!!!!!! im only 11 and my friends think i could be a professonal nail artist because of the designs i can do on their nails!!!! thank you soooo much for inventing them!!!!! (even my mom wants me to order new colors because of what i do on her toes!!!!) "


" After spending so much money on nail polishes and thin art nail polishes I was shopping and came across this stand with Migi Nail Art!!!! OMG these are amazing!!!! I cant belive I spent all that money on the things I bought and this was totally cheap and so easy and quick to use!!! Lifetime refills too!!!! Love it!!!! "

Jessica - Providence, RI

" Please find a way to let Migi Nail Art ship into Europe. I need to have these! They look great! I saw so many happy people on youtube, I want to enjoy it too but I'm from Belgium so I have to wait! "

Rebecca - Belgium

" I live in a nursing home and I am 40 years old. I received a kit for christmas and we get our nails done every Wednesday and now with my kit we all can have decorated nails with the pens. Everyone is so happy. And all our nails are so pretty. We all thank my mom who purchased them from QVC. Keep up the good work. Wish we could get more."


" These are so much fun my daughter loves them and they dry so fast she can't mess them up I Love the them. "


" i love this stuff its awesome!"

Chaley - Valrico, FL

" Hello!!
This was the best present what I got in many years!!! It is easy, clean, and I always get perfect design."

Cris Janssens - Sao Paulo, Brazil

" we love migi nail art its so cool and it allows me to do amazing designs to my nails from leopard spots to flowers we love it and everybody should have some "


" I recently purchased a box of the Migi Nail Art set at the Southern Women's Show in Nashville, TN. I LOVE it!! I have such a hard time painting my nails, but with this kit it made it fun and easy. The first day i painted and decorated my nails everyone noticed and I got lots of compliments. Thank you! "

Valerie - Nashville, TN

" Migi Nail Art pens make me look more talented than I really am!!! Fancy nail art is possible by anyone with these amazing pens. Thanks for a truly wonderful and FUN product to use. "

Marsha Pennington - Kingman, AZ

" Migi Nail Art is wonderful! So easy to create designs. You should really look into marketing yourselves better. I stumbled on to your website by accident. I am so glad I did! "

anonymous - Cha Cha, TX

" Hi! I love this migi nail art so much ive watched it on youtube so many times and its very awesome. but im from philippines. where can i buy this from here. please inform me if you know some store here in philippines where i can buy this migi nail art. thankyou! "

Angel Cawili - Phillippines

" I love my migi nail art. My friends can't wait to see what creation i've put on my nails. I can not wait for new products to come out !!!!!!!! "

Eileen - Port Richey, FL

" I went to the Southern Women's Show is my area recently and was so pleased to find Migi Nail Art selling their product again this year. Every year I go to the Southern Women's Show, I find myself aweing over the magnificant nail art brushes/pens but always buying something else at the show instead. This year I decided it was time and snatched them up as soon as I could. I have to say these are by far the best products I've bought from the Southern Women's Show is YEARS! Thank You Migi Nail Art! "


" Amazing stuff we bought the nail Art @ Plantasia @ Erie County Fair Grounds in Hamburg. It is extremly easy to use & so much fun to play with. I recommend it to every lady out there.You will be amazed @ your own talents with this product. And the sales girl ROCKED :) HAPPY PAINTING !!! "


" i like this link, so i love it................so much "

Cherrie - Philippines

" I got my MigiNail Art as a gift and I absolutely LOVE it!!! i have never had such cute nails and get complimented everywhere! I was getting a pedicure and the nail tech actually could NOT believe i had done my nails at home! and the designs last longer than other nail art products i've tried! "


" My migi nail art set is awesome. I've never had a better nail product. "


" Me and my daughter LOVE miginailart! there is absolutly no limits to what you can do . we have done the designs that come with the nailart and come up with some of our own. miginailart is our only polish we have and will use! "


" i just love everything about migi but it would be great to have more nail art pens i would LOVE it if you could do some hd nail art pens! "


" I love my migi nail art! It is so much fun to use. Plus it is fun to do with my friends. "


" I just love my migi nail art pens!!! The best part is you can get free refills and I am vary happy about that. They are lots of fun and all my friends love them! "


" What a blast!!! I don't think my nails have been the same for a day since I got these pens... they are just too much fun! Even my husband joins in occasionally... hehehe "

Cait - Providence, RI

" I have had so much fun with nail art. "


" Fun, that is the first word I think of. Art, you can make beautiful designs and so easily too. You should really try these brush/pens. They are top of the line and the designs are so easy to reproduce. Have a blast doing your own salon style nails. "

Lu Grabowski - Terryville, CT

" It works really well and it''s cool. "


" i think that migi nail art is cool cuz it gives you a great selection migi rocks!!!!!! "


" I bought these penes for my 13 year old daughter for Christmas and she loves them. They are so easy and fun to use. I am already planning on buying more for her. "

Angie Carter - Corona, CA

" I bought th migi nail art kit for my grandaughter for a christmas gift. We have both had SO much fun with it. We are both beginners, but are enjoying learning. We are excited to order more colors and hopefully more designs!! "

Judy K. - Doniphan, MO

" This is soooo easy to do, I love it! I am even able to do my 1 year old daughter's nails in a snap! I only wish it dryed faster :) "

Amber - Santa Rosa, CA

" Hello, I add you like a friend and I subscribed to your channel "

Puck - Loosdrecht, Nederland

" i verly love your poduch's i am e duchts girl en i make funny en sexy nail art "


" I so love this stuff so far! I am so glad that I got the nail polish at the southern womens show! :) "


" Great invention for nail polish. Before i knew of migi it was very difficult to accomplish different designs and patterns. But now that I own many set of migi the possibilities are pretty much endless. =] i just wish they had cheaper shipping and handling. Or that they were located in local stores! "

Grace Morency - MI

" I just got my set today and I LOVE IT! I love the ducky I painted on my nails! Thank You sooo much Migi Nail Art! "


" I absolutely love Migi Nail Art (TM)! Before using Migi, I used cheap nail art pens and nail polish to decorate nails, but now, with Migi, you can get both the nail art pens and polish for the price of one! Plus, they last for a long time! :) "

Baili - SC

" I love Migi Nail Art! This product works amazingly. To be honest, I did not think the pens would work very well, and I was pleasantly surprised. I also love the fact that the pens double as nail art tools and nail polish with the brush end. My friend and I love doing our nails each week, and Migi Nail Art makes it so easy! I highly recommend Migi!! "


" I have sooooo much of fun just painting my friends nails. And when I get board I will just do my own nails. "

Amber Skiles

" I got my Migi nail art for Christmas. My grandparents know I love doing nails. Now instead of using the big brushes to do small designs I can use these. Now I love doing othe people's nails even more. Now my mom even lets me do her toe nails even more! I love these!! "


" Contrary to the semi-cheap looking packaging (i thought my aunt who got them for me probably got them at the dollar store) this product is AMAZING!!! i absolutely LOVE it! The nail polish is thin enough that it goes on smoothly and evenly and even better are the beautiful vibrant colors! I am considering buying another set! "


" I got my nail art kit from the state fair and I use it all the time! I do my moms nails all different designs. I even did my Dads nails once. I love the fine tip and the verity of colors. It is so much fun and I totally recommend it! "

Amie Channhassan - MN

" I got a Migi Nail Art kit for Christmas., I wasn't very interested in dong nails until I got the kit. Now I love doing people's nails. It is very easy to use and worth it, too. "

Indi Anna - Annville, PA

" I got the Migi Nail Art set for Christmas, and I love them so much! I heard about them from watching Kandee Johnson's youtube videos. She did a mini toutorial on how to do the cheetah print, and that made me want them! Now I have them and I LOVE IT! "

Nicole Heska

" I got the Migi Nail Art Kit for Christmas and recently painted my nails with tiger stripes. I thought I would mess up my nails, as usual, but they turned out SO good, I cant wait to paint them again!!!!!!! :D "

Nikki - CA

" The colors clean & bright. They go on smooth, the tip is so easy to use & the designs come out so beautifully. Thanks Migi for the opportunity of owning your wonderful product. LUV IT! "

Crystal - NY

" i love it my grandmal gave it to my sister and then she showed me and i loved it so i got all the colors and now my i can show off my ugly nails but now pretty "

Kayla - Austin, TX

" Thanks Migi Nail Art!!!! I play on a 16U travel softball team and i have NO time to sit and do my nails, but with this GREAT product i will be able to paint my nails!
I used to use the other side of a paint brush to make dots on my nails. Now all i have to do is use this product and I have dots.
This is a GREAT product!!! Thank you Migi Nail Art!!! "

Ashley - Indianapolis, IN

" I tried migi nail at a the Wayne County Fair in Ohio. I was instantly hooked, but didnt' get my miginail kit until I recieved it for Christmas. The gift that keeps on giving and looking great, too. Thanks for your product. It's the greatest! "

Darlene Newell

" I love migi nail art I have all the sets. All of the sets are so fun. I LOVE the free refils I go through alot of sets so the refils are great!!!!!! "


" they are sooooo amazing and make it really easy to do cool designs "

Courtney - Newark, DE

" i recently recived my second set of nail pens....over a decade since my first, i was pleasenly surprised to see that the quality of your product has withstood the test of time!! i was a teen when first intoduced to nail art, and im proud to say at 28 im so excited to be reintoduced, beautiful nails here i come! "


" i recived this product as a Christmas gift a few days ago and i must say i love it sooooo very much! i already did one hand but each are a different design. they are easy to use, fast drying, simple, cute, fun, and are just sooo very very cool. i would recomend this to anyone who loves to design, use nail polish and show their colors. a wonderful buy. i cant thank you enough for this product. i have the silver and i love it soooooo very very much! thank you soooo much for creating this product! i cant wait to use it again!!! =) "

Isabella von Wendt - Natick, MA

" I was super impressed with my order! I order shortly before the holidays, received it faster than other orders I had placed before it! Not only that, but I got a few extras goodies, as if the free refills and free top coat wasn't enough! I will forever order here. By the way the results of the pens are amazing. Was able to do my mother's, my sister's, and my daughter's nails in time for Christmas and they came out wonderful! Thanks for a great product and efficient service! "

Kristina - OH

i have to say i really love your product! I have never ever done nail art and it be so easy! with your product it is mess free and very affordable! one day my friend ask if I had just recently gotten my nails done professinaly and I looked at her and said happily "no" i did them myself! She was shocked and she asked where to get them and i said you can order them on your website and the next day she did!"


" I love migi art and none of my friends have it and they don't believe that I am doing my own nails but I don't know why because it is kinda sloppy but hey I like it and my friends like it I am good "

Meagan Marshall

" I just got this for Christmas and I have to say it is my favorite gift! The colors are so pretty and it is easy to design with these. I need some more practice but these are great and its better then going and getting them done because I get to create my own designs. I love it:) "

Amber Jenstad - Arizona

" I got my nail kit just before Christmas and I did poinesettas the first day, snow flakes the next day, and Christmas trees. Everyone thought they were decals. I have a lot of fun with them and everyone wants them. "


" My Mom and Dad came up early for our family Christmas. One of my Christmas presents was one of these wonderful sets. The day after I received them I was painting a snowman with snow falling on all of my nails. So many people commented on my nails, and could not believe I did them myself. I told them how easy it was with Migi Nail Art. Thanks again for the great nails. "

Christine Kasulis - Hebron, CT

" Well my name is Nora and the nail products are really nice and you could do a lot of things with it! Its really cool and I like them a lot! :) "

Nora - Wilmington

" My daughter just recieved these as a christmas gift and we both love them!! I have ladybugs on my nails and my patients love them! I have referred everyone to miginailart.com.
Thank you! "

Diana - TN

" My mom passed away in Feb. of this year after an 18 mo battle with cancer. She spent her final month in a wonderful hospice facility. I used my nail art kit to paint her nails with flowers. It was a great conversation piece as visitors came to see her for the last time. It is still a fond memory for me. "

Lori M

" I just wanted to say you are AWESOME! Especially Jen. THANK YOU SO MUCH! I found your company and web-site at the last minute before Christmas and had ordered kits for my nieces in Michigan One of the kits was missing and you said I would get in time for the holiday and I did! I even have time to ship it to my niece in time for Christmas. I love your company and all of those who helped with my order. I am a customer for life and will recommend you to everyone I know. Thank you! "

Alisa - NY

" I love my Migi nail art pens, they are so easy to use and they save me a TON of money because I get the salon look myself! I get compliements on my nails all the time! "

Kelly - upstate NY

" Migi nail art has changed it all, It only takes me a few minutes to do my nails. I no longer have to dip a brush in to nail polish to make a design and make a mess. Migi is mess free. "

Delia - Arizona City, AZ

" I bought one set for my twin 14 year olds. They starting doing amazing designs that same night. Their friends have all been asking for them to do their nails (after they finally believed my girls did their own)!!! "

Mary Buskard - Grandville, MI

" This is my second time sending you a note. I love your Migi Art colors. Before I started using your product I just did not take the time to do anything with my nails. But now is a totally different story. I will not leave home with out my nails being decorated. I sometimes use rhinestones to accent and it really draws attention to my hands. Please never stop selling these kits because I would be lost, and I am 64 years young. Thanks Marie for showing me these kits. "

Mabel Graham - Peterborough, Ontario, Canada

" What a fantasic product. I knew the minute I saw this that it would be Great! The first time I used it, I only had about ten minutes before I had to leave for a Christmas party. I was able to french tip my nails and add holly berries to ALL of my nails. It looked great. I cannot wait try more creative designs. I am telling everyone I know about Migi Nails. Thank-you for such a wonderful product. "

Rochelle - Las Vegas, NV

" I absolutely LOVE my Migi nails and my friends do too. I'm a very sporty girl so i put my favorite football team sign on my nails. Its SO cool! "

Katrina Reid, UT

" IMy daughter and I were recently at a craft show in Greensboro, NC when a nice lady painted a flower on my daughter's nail. It was beautiful, did not smear and is still on her nail today. (This was placed on her nail over 3 weeks ago). There was no clear coat or anything on her finger. I am amazed!!! I bought a set of the nail polish for her for Christmas and can't wait to watch the hours of fun she will have with these. "

Jenifer Hobbs - Thomasville, NC

" I love Migi Nail Art pens! The first night they arrived I was trying out all kinds of different designs on my nails. Once I ran out of nail space I started using my roommates nails! The pens are so fun and easy to use and you don't need to be an artist to make a great design! "

Heidi - Boston, MA

" I think these are great, they are fun and you have heeps of different colours so it is not boring. I will be telling my friends about this product. I especially love the tips for precision, they are exactly what i was looking for. "


" I have really enjoyed using Migi Nail Art products. For the past two years, I have bought Migi Nail Art Products at the Iowa State Fair. They are very friendly staff, and didn't try to pressure me in to "just buying", but they made sure I was going to be satisfied with what I was buying. They also showed me in great detail how to use the product. I am very satisfied with this product.

Morgan, Pella, IA

" I got the migi nail products when I was in Topeka, KS visiting my grand kids, well my daughter-in-law took me to the Jr league Christmas show and my granddaughter saw this booth 1st. and OF course like a Great Grandma I had to take a look. Well we all three were sold and grandma got all 3 sets and the fun started. My granddaughter did my nails for me. I left the kits with her and she is loving her nails... like every day. So thanks for being at that show... this Grandma is on top of the grand daughter's list NOW. We may be needing more pens. I'll look into that... I will be back for Chrstmas and the grand daughter says that she is getting very good at doing "things" with YOUR Product.

Thanks again. now the world's best Grandma(thanks to your company)"

Linda K. Kahle - Tucson, AZ

"I bought my first Migi Nail packs when attending the Southern Women's Show in Birmingham, AL. I used the Neon pack immediately upon returning home on my 7 yr. old daughter- using school colors on her to create flowers and her school initials- and her friends loved it!! It also lasted a couple of weeks as well which was GREAT!!!

We haven't had another opportunity until this weekend to play with them- and I grabbed them as a "second thought" for activities with the teenagers/women at our family reunion. They were a hit!!!!! Everyone was creating holiday designs and doing a pretty good job even on their first try with these!! Many of the mothers will be ordering and I am ordering for the nieces from my husbands side when I send you this. They are very easy to use and are alot of fun for ALL!!

**I know things happen in packaging/shipping but want to let you know- when I have finally opened the Primary color box the red was busted around the bottom and had gotten in the pack. I ordered a replacement for it because I know we love them!!

THANKS for creating such a GREAT product......we will definitely use them and be referring customers for years to come!"

Gidgett Overton

" I had some "nail-art" done my nails at the Wayne County Fair and was very impressed at how long it stayed on my nails. It was completely water-proof. I liked it so much that I bought a complete set for my 12 year old granddaughter for a Christmas present. I will be giving it to her this Christmas. I know she will be as excited as I was and she and her friends will have lots of fun decorating their nails. Thank you for the free refills. What a great bargain. "

Faye Baker, Shreve, OH

" yes i love this product and so does my kids they love drawing on there nails. It is so easy and fun to do "

Lisa - Buffalo, NY

" they are so amazing...and all my friends want to buy them... i told them i got them online and they went nuts"

Tori - Warren, PA

" i love the Migi Nail Art so much. I referred it to all of my friends. Not to mention wew hold Nail Art parties. A bunch of girls getting together to put great designs on each others nails. Thank you nail art! "

Andrea Ross - Rio Vista, CA

" I LOVE LOVE LOVE Migi Nail Art! Although I have not mastered the more difficult patterns and designs, I am constantly receiving compliments on how professional and cute my nails look with the designs that I have mastered. I never thought that I would be able to put designs on my own nails, but I am so happy to report that it isn't as difficult as I thought it was going to be. Great product!! "

Brigitte - Montevideo, MN

" I bought several sets for a project at my local Limestone Girls Club. The 3rd through 8th graders decorated nails and learned how to french braid hair. By far, the neat things we could do with nails was their favorites. Many parents wanted the web site to purchase their own sets. "


" Omg! I think this is one of the best products I can get for my nails! love drawing and the migi nail art makes it so easy to do! you dont have to be an artist to do them and no more spending on french nails! its a piece of cake! just try it recomend it to does that like designs on their nails! "

Diana Hernandez - Tomball, TX

" I absolutely love these! The colours are brilliant, and they're so easy to use! I get complimented every time I do my nails. Worth every penny spent, and the replacement program just makes it all the more worthwhile! The easy step-by-step tutorials make it so that even me, an artistic null, can have beautiful nails. I originally bought it for my sister for Christmas but couldn't resist keeping it. I'm now hoping to find the person I bought it from so I can buy another package... or two... "

Sarah - Abbtosford, British Columbia, Canada

"My mother bought the basic set for Christmas in 08. My boyfriend bought me the pearls set in March 10. I used to use toothpicks to draw designs on my nails before these.

If Miginails was like Avon, I'd totally be a rep. Everyone always comments on how awesome or crazy or amazing my nails look (like i did candy corn then ghosties with the word boo for halloween, for my college orentation week i did the college logo on my big toes and thumbs). I have even had comments when i've gone to the salon for a pedi!

This is one of the best nail products i have ever purchased."

Melissa Lachaine - Heidelberg, Ontario, Canada

" I just bought one of the Migi Nail Art kits for my daughter for Christmas because she LOVES painting her nails fun and funky colors and tries to do designs on them all the time--however, we know how those always turn out when a 10 year old attempts a design with a nail polish brush! She saw the sample design the sales rep did on one of my nails and LOVED it so I know she'll be excited to get the kit for one of her Christmas gifts! I hope I can wait til December to give it to her! :) "

Sarah - MS

" I love migi nail art. I got it at the L.A. Sounty Fair. I was reluctant at first cuz I didn't really want to spend the money but luckily I'm a licensed cosmetologist so it's a tax write-off! He even threw in the glow-in-the-dark, which was the selling point for me. I want to submit a picture of the Halloween Nails I did with Migi Nail Art.


I did a Orange and Black gel swirl on the tips and used Migi Nail Pens to do the designs and letters. "

Lauren - Hesperia, CA

" I just recently purchased your product when visiting the Fryeburg Fair. It looked fun and easy to do.

I am a elementary school teacher and when I got back from the long weekend that was the first thing my students noticed (even the boys, although I think the girls were REALLY into my nails). Since then I have done them several times with different designs and the kids just love seeing what I'll have next on them. Now if they were only into their math like that!!!! "

Shari Kinney - Oakland, ME

" I have brought my dtr to the mnstate fair for the last five yrs. Every summer she saves her money to buy the migi art kit. We have now used the free refills, and it works. It is nice to see a product that backs itself up and tells the truth. My dtr took a while to learn the needle point and how not to bend the tips, now I have to order more. Thank you. "


" this thing works very well for me thank you for showing how these things work becuase they have worked very well for my job "


" Dear Migi Nail Art,

I want to tell you how much I have enjoyed your product. Having the bit of "extra" money to purchase them was a bit of an issue, but I am so glad I went with my instinct and bought them anyway.

I have not been able to work for the past 3 yrs because I have Fibromyalgia. Because of it I go through varying degrees of pain every day and feeling "pretty" isn't as easily attainable these days either.

I also have a 5 yr old daughter that is VERY busy. Since I have such a hard time keeping up with her I thought the Migi Nail Art Pens would be a great, fun way to spend time together without over-doing it.

It was wonderful. My daughter LOVES doing her nails and the time we spend together and I LOVE that it makes me feel "pretty". For the first time in about 3 yrs I have been getting compliments from my friends about my nails (feet and hands), and it makes me feel great!

Thankyou for a great idea that allows me to get back a little of my former self and for the laughter and great fun I have with my daughter having our "manicures" and "pedicures"."

Amanda Caslick

" It's amazing for kids "


" When I bought the Migi Nail Art Set I thought it would be fun to let my older sister draw fun designs all over my nails, and it was. This is one of the greatest purchases I have ever made, my sister and I have gotten real close by just sitting down, laughing, and having fun painting our nails. Thanks to all the people at Migi! "


" We purchased a set of nail art pens for our 8 year old daughter in Oct. We have been having so much fun with them! She started with a ladybug on each finger, but as Halloween approaches she has been sporting ghosts, jack-o-lantens and even bats on her fingertips. Thank you for a fun and EASY project. "

Deb Goldstein - Naples, MA

" I recently used my set on a party for my girlfriends and I and all of them commented on how easy the designs were and how much fun they had using the pens. I really enjoyed it the next day at school when all us girls showed off our designs to the principal. "


" I bought my seven year old daughter her migi-nail polish while she was in the hospital in treatment for cancer. They kept her busy and entertained during this very hard time. All the nurses, doctors and other kids on the pediatric floor had the cute nails around. She is now cancer-free and hopes to become a nail stylist. Thanks for this amazing and fun product! "

Katherine Pederson (Kylie's Mom) - FL

" Every year we look forward to visiting the miginailart table at the Topsfield Fair, this product is one of the best products we have ever purchased, we love this nail polish. It's really fun and easy to use. "

S. Ryan - Nahant, MA

" i just used my migi nail art kit for the first time and loved it!!! i was surprised how easy to use the pens were! My first design was a little rough but with practice i'm sure it will get better, the videos and instructions really help!!!! "

Maggie - Enfield, NH

" These pens are very nice and easy to use. It does take some practice to get use to them but when you do get use to them they are alot of fun. "


" This is so fun. My granddaughter is having a great time as I do art on her nails. What a fun memory she will have on this visit with grandma! "

Vicky - Hartsville, SC

" I bought a set of polish at a Junior League event and my three girls love them! I got them just in time for Halloween, Thanksgiving, and Christmas! "


" omg i love them soooo much they rock!!! "

Stephanie Shah - Nashua, NH

" I love migi nail art! It's an easy way to do decorations on your nails. My friends tell me that they love my nails because i decorate it with Migi's Nail Art! I <3 Migi's Nail Art! "

Darryl Vidal

" I got the black migi nail art package today at the Fryeburg Fair. I have to wait till christmas but I tryed it and i love it me and my friends are giong to have soo much fun! "

Courtney W. - Somersworth, NH

" i got my nail art at the Minnesota State Fair and i absulutely LOVE IT!!!!! im not that good at nails but i still like them they are so fun but the best part is FREE REFILS!!!!!! thank you "


" I have used my migi nail art pens for years. I received them as a birthday gift and it has yet to be outdone as my favorite present. I used to always make designs on my nails but it was so hard to do detail work... migi nail art pens make it SO easy! My favorite thing to do with mine is have sleepover parties with my neice and her friends and amaze them with all the fun designs we can make! I can't wait to give her her own set for her birthday this year! THANKS! "

Amy Brophy - Torrington, CT

" I love the migi nail nail set!! It is a lot of fun to use. I am a creative person, and this makes it so much easier to do creative nails. "


" I love these pens! They are a lot of fun to make designs of all sorts. My particular favorite one to do is zebra strips of some sort with various different colors. It is a great thing to do as a sister type project. We love them! "


" I am a cosmetology teacher in Ohio. Every year I have students that really want to learn and excel at nail art. These pens allow even beginners to excel and create designs tthey can be proud of... I LOVE THESE PENS! Everyone that sees them wants to buy some of their own! "


" I love the great colors and at the fair it was helpful to have the girl put a flower on my finger. I love that free zipper bag with the purchase too! I love designing my nails i have used it already at a sleepover with my friends it was awesome to use. I cant wait to see what other colors will come but i cant imagine what color you already have most of them!! "


" Migi Nail Art is Fantastic!! You can create one of a kind nail designs yourself with some friends. Easy to use and very little clean up!! I will be recommending this to all of my friends! "

Christina - Corona, CA

" The girl promoting these at the Big E demonstrated how they worked by putting 3 little flowers on my nail. I was a bit skeptical about whether the design would actually stay for more than a day , as well as whether or not these nail art pens were really as simple and easy to use as she had made it look , so I did not purchase them. Three days later my "nail art" still looked as if it was just done. I went back to the fair and purchased them even though I still had doubts about how easy they would be use. When I got home I played with them and much to my surprise THEY REALLY WERE AS SIMPLE AND EASY TO USE as the girl made them look. "

Melyssa - Ware, MA

" well i think yalls migi pens are very awsome, and i use them alot. almost evey time i use them, people always like my designes, and they ask me if they are stickers and i say no, there migi nail art pens. "

Erika Loera - Leesburg, FL

"Well, we have not gotten to use the migi nail art sets yet... however, we saw a demonstration at the state fair. We SO wanted to make a purchase there, but with all the other state fair costs, we could not. So... here I am making my first order online and I can't wait to use this product on my nails and my daughters!!! We absolutely LOVE to paint our nails and I think your product with be perfect to add to the fun!!!

Cyndi - Wapello, IA

" I love your product I feel like I cant leave home without my supplies. I am asked to do peoples nails all the time now. They make it fun and easy. Thank you for the great product you provide. "

Irma - Alameda, CA

" I love this product. It's so much fun to use and easy too. Gonna do my little girls' nails with some cute designs. The refill program is awesome let's you try different colors. All in all I think this is an amazing product. "

anonymous - Holbrook, MA

" I really enjoy the pens. My daughter and I both purchased sets at the Calif State Fair. I am beginning to use them and its nice to find out that all it takes is a little practice. I'm finding the more I use them the more creative I am becoming, I am excited to use them on all sorts of surfaces... thank you for an awesome product. p.s...if I can create something beautiful with them, then anyone can! "

Carrie - North Cali, CA

" I have a little 3year old little girl and she loves the nail art and I do too because it is easy and quick! You will agree if you know what it is like raising kids and not having anytime! Nail Art is something I will tell everyone about!!! Thanks for being at the Clay County Fair!! "


"I just love them ,they are so easy to use. You can create any design you want, all you have to have is an imagination, or a great website to help you.I tell every one about them I hope they will buy them too.
Thank you"


" hi iam barbara larmer and iam very pleased with this migi nail art ive also have many friends willing to buy the product i think it is awsome product and very easy to use as i have a handicap right hand and also iam right handed and it is very easy to use and fun there is lots of designs to do as well easy and fun try it u will love it for sure thanks "

Barbara Larmer

" Just got the product yesterday at the puyallup fair and we love it! There were many different simular nail companys there but nothing like your free refill program and referal program. Cant wait to try those out. we also tried the products from the store and were not happy, but your salesman was so nice and gave us a free demo and sold us right away! we will definatly refer all our friends to you. Thanks Migi nail art!! "

Crystal - Buckley, WA

" OMG!!!!! I luuuuuuuuuuuuuv Migi Nail Art SOOOOOOOOOOOOO Much I switch my colors everyday!!!!! I have a lot of the colors!!!!!!!!!!! "

Marilyn Brass - Buffalo Center, IA

" I love the migi nail art they are so easy to use and my nails look great!!! "


" Have twins their 6 . We been having nail get together with all girls as kinder they all love it. I think is good way to have good times with your little girls. I love it. Thanks "

Imelda Dunmire - Tacoma, WA

" im italian i've 16 years. i love your art decoration nail polish** for the order in italy? i would like be a testimonia! "

Elisa- Brebbia, Varese, Italy

" My daughter is 13 and LOVES her migi nail art . Her first set we found at goodwill and paid 3.00 for the set im so glad we bought them because now we are customers for life. Her and her friends and little sister love using them. I just bought a set for her for christmas and i can't wait till christmas to give them to her . She has been asking and asking for new ones since her last set is completely gone. Thanks Linda "

Linda Ries - Massillon, OH

" They sell these at the tennessee state fair. Well, I had to buy them. The lady doing the demo gave me a flower on my nail and on my mom's nails. So we bought the basic color set in the silver box and I am already making designs tonight. They are great pens. I'm going to be 1up on my friends who think they can do nails! ;) "


" Your product is amazing! I got it as a gift From A friend. I LOVED it! "

Michelle B. Chaska

" These are awesome I LOVE THEM!!! The free refills are amazing!!! So many colors to choose from, can't decide, I might have to get them all!! "


" i love the art i can do on my daughter and i's nails and tonails!! next im gonna try a french:) "


" My 13 year old daughter did her own nails and they looked so professional; she went to school the next day and her friends thought she had went to the nail shop. I really like the product and look forward to buying more colors for her and I. "

D. Jamerson - Moreno Valley, CA

" I love this stuff! I bought my first set years ago at a fair in the next town and I used it at my daughters birthday party. The girls were thrilled to have their nails done. Now I'm doing my granddaughters nails too. Her favorite is the lady bugs. I would like to see more pictures with ideas to paint. Tx ! "

Susan Gregoir - Moosup, CT

" I bought 3 kits @ the State Fair to share with my 14 yr old daughter. I really just wanted to use them as incentives for her behavior & to encourage her to do better in school. I found that I loved them too! So now I'm doing my nails... where before I NEVER did my nails. I've been showing off your kits @ work & everywhere I go. I always get compliments & I direct them to your website. "

Virginia Ehrler - Modesto, CA

" OMG!! Migi Nail Art Nail polishes are so awesome!!!! I have been using them for the last year, I have done over 50 people's nails, all kinds of design...my girfriends at church always ask me when I can do their nails again!! Thank you for these amazing design polished!! They are absolutely and totally awesome!!! "

Simona - Anaheim, CA

" My students have really enjoyed using these pens. They are alot of fun! "


" I love my migi nail art kit! I love the freedom they give me to design whatever I want compared to other nail design things as well as how you can get just about anything on your nails for just the 20 bucks or so you spent on the kit! I havent taken adantage of the free refill system, but will probably more often when the Canadian is online.. it would be much more convienient. But love this product! I'm always doing my nails a new way now :) "


" i just got my new set and i LOVE doing my nails over and over again. it's so much fun and so easy. i have people ask where I go for my nails and they are surprised to find out i do them myself. "


" My friend bought a set of the Miginailart kits at a local craft sale. She brought it to work with her one day and 4 of us ladies loved the kit so much we all ended up buy a couple of sets for ourselves. "

Andrea Halyk - Simcoe, Ontario, Canada


Mya Simi

" I love my Migi Nail Art set! My nails are always decorated for something now- football season, holidays, or just a little design on the tip. My 8 yr old daughter's friends are green with envy when I make her nails fancy for school parties . I am not an artist, and I mostly keep my designs simple, but it took very little practice for me to achieve salon-quality designs on my own. "

S. Rice - Pittsburgh, PA

" Migi Nails are so easy becasue when you try to do designs like french tip the pen part is so easy it looks like a pro did it WOW!!!! "


" Just bought your product at the LA County Fair and haven't been able to put it down! i even got my boyfriend to do my toes with your product! he is amazed! very pleased costumer! "

Maricella Lopez - Los Angels, CA

" I Love MIGI Nail Art i just bought it at the Minnesota state fair and its awsome cause i paint my nails wait like 2 mins 2 dry and add the white strip for my "french tip" so now i spent 5 mins on my nails instead of 1 hour at a salon its that easy!!! *NO* more salon!!!!!! *HELLO*mig nail art!!! "

Kelsey Hugo - MN

" I get so many complements on my nails from patients at work and others. I love taking the time to make designs. "

Jennifer K. - So. Range, WI

" love love love the product, it looks great and works very well. "

Sandy - Cleveland, OH

" i absolutely love these pens! my favourite design i made up was zig zagged rainboow colour stripes with a black heart over them! i also love doing the watermellon toes in the summer :P "

Alicia Kieffer - Ridgeway, Ontario, Canada

" I recently bought a set of the Migi Nail Art pens at the state fair and these are BY FAR the best nail art pens e-v-e-r!! Love love love, colors are vibrant and beautiful. A must have! "

Kelsee - Stillwater, MN

" I love nail art I just recently got my set and I just love them, they are just so fun everyone I know is getting them. There a big hit! "

Emma - Stillwater, MN

" I have only had my set for a very little time but I love it!!! Before I got mine I could only do the base colors now I can let my creative side explore!!!! "

Cayla Dutton - NY

" I love this product and have used it for over three years. I not only use it myself but I also use them for a reading reward at school. Once the girls have read the number of books required they can choose a manicure session as a prize. They love to have individual designs put on. I keep it simple with hearts, stars, polka dots, letters, ghosts, pumpkins and others. With 20 girls in a session --- time goes quickly. Thank you for your product and refill policy -- It is GREAT! "

Rhonda Georgiadis - Fulton, NY

" These are the greatest!!! My daughter is 10 years old and this is the most popular thing to do with her friends. It is so easy for them to apply and the free refill program is a no-brainer!!! We have tried nail art pens from the stores, but nothing compares to these!!! "

Jennifer, Wisconsin - WI

" I bought this wonderful nail set so that I could do my 4 year olds nails. She really wanted lady bugs on her toes! This product has been WONDERFUL! I am able to do so many wonderful creations on my daughter and everone thinks we go and get it done. When I tell them that I do it myself, they are so suprised and want this product. I have referred many of my friends. Great job with a wonderful product! "

Amy Jo Finnegan - West Des Moines, IA

" I love the nail art.... I wish they were not that expenseve. I love doing nail art... I love these... "


" i have had the migi nailpens for a while now and i love them . i use them all the time with all of my friends and they all love them too. deffinatly a great product. "

Randi - Blaine, MN

" It's fun to make new designs and show off my hidden talent.....ha ha My granddaughters love to have their nails done with turtles, hearts, snowflakes, butterflies and flowers. Love these nail pens."

Carol - Wichita, KS

" I am in love with migi nail pens i literally use mine every single day i have been using them for 2 years and i have the basic set and the neon set. i use them to paint and decorate mine and my friends nails and pretty much anything plastic i used them on my lightswitches, pretty much anything at all. You guys are great and thanks for comming up with the great idea! thanks so much. "

Alexandra Browning - Peterborough, Ontario, Canada

" i went to the Iowa State Fair, Brought Migi Nail Art. What can I say? I love it! I want to paint every ones nails in my apartment building even my boyfriends!. "

anonymous - Des Moines, IA

" I just got the Migi Nail Art, but i love it!! The tip on the pen is great it can get the tiniest details right. I think this is one of my best buys yet!! I LOVE MIGI NAIL ART!! "


" I fell in love the first time I used this product. I love how i can do all the different styles now! MIGI ART YOU RULE!!! "

Erica Bowman

" I have gotten so many compliments on my nails since purchasing the miginail art set at the Ohio State Fair. My 6 yr old loves them, and we have so much fun coming up with new designs! "

Janet - Lyons, OH

" I just bought my set Monday 8-2-10 at the Ohio State Fair, I haven't had time to do my nails because I'm painting everything else! It's so easy to learn and use. I've done my phone, my dsi, almost all of my notebooks for this coming school year. I love painting with them and it's good practice for school when I will do my nails. I'm sure I'm going to need a refill before school starts so I like the program where I only pay shipping! Thanks, Firegem "

Michele - Columbus, OH

" I just bought Migi Nail Art yesterday at the Ohio State Fair. I did my nails and the nails of my two grandaughters, ages, 7 and 9. The 7 year old wanted the leopard, and the 9 year old the tiger stripes. With just a little instruction at the design studio online, I was able to do a pretty decent job. Later I did my nails in camofuflage. I love the way they look. The pens are so easy to use. I am definitely a satisfied customer, and can't wait till Christmas to give the additional kits i purchased to two of my other granddaughers, and the two little ones whose nails I did today. I am very excited to try out the tutorials and various designs which are on youtube. Thanks for a great product. "

Diane - OH

" How cute! My 10 year old daughter is planning on using Migi Nails for an activity for her Sleepover Birthday Party. We're busy practicing different designs for the big night! Thanks for offering such a creative product! "


" I am constantly doing my little girls nails! she always has to have them perfect. i have grown into a proffesional with the help of these pens!!!!!!!! She gets so many compliments! and with a new baby and a full time job, doing MY nails is the most relaxing thing i have in my day. I used your website for design ideas and when i walk into work all the ladies and selected few men always ask to see what my new style is. THANKS MIGI!!!!!!!!!! love love love your product!!!!!!! "

Megan Beasley

" I luv my migi nail pens, and I just got it a few days ago!! Today me and my friends did our nails and it was AWESOME!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I recommend this product to people who luv to have fun and really like to their nails but they don't want to go to the nail salon. They are great for presents to your gurlfriends! I know i would totally get it for my gurlfriends!!!!!! D "


" i love migi nail art. me and my best friend did our nails then we did our phones. my friend did all my nails a different design. i have a checkered flag, a snowflake, a puerto rican flag, a lady bug, a flower, a butterfly, fireworks, a sun, a strawberry, and a criss cross design. it was so much fun and really easy. i did polka dots on her nails. we decorated the back of our phones. i did hearts and polka dots and she did lines n polka dots. it was hours of fun. we were up til late at night playing with them. i even convinced my mom to let me design her nails and my sister was designing her toe nails this morning. everyone loves these pens and i told them where to get some. they especially liked the free refills and replacements. they definently want to get some. these pens are my new favorite thing. it is way better than any ordinary nail polish. "


" I really love this nail art set. The colors are really pretty and they last a long time. I'll be using it for a long time. "

Karlee Kakela - Rolla, ND

" I love migi nail art pens!!! I saw them at the ohio state fair in 2009 and wanted them since when i got them I want nuts! I hope to get more! i wanna colect them all! "

Crysta - OH

" I just want to say THANK YOU for great customer service. I wrote to you about a broken tip and without any questions, I received three replacements in the mail. I'm so glad I bought this product!!! "

Gail Monge - NY



" i love migi nail art pens i see them on youtube and i fall in love altho i dont have the money i always wish i do , but if i did have the money the first thing i would buy is migi pens i luv them they look sooooooooo COOL. my username is thetwilightlover 31 tho it sound weird for a girl who LOVES NAIL ART but i love painting my nails and doing nail art its soooo much fun "

Ashley - Yaphank, NY

" I love migi nail art!!! You can use them to do any design...the incredible part about it is that it has a pen tip on top and as well as a regular nail polish thats why i like them so much...If you like to do your nails you should get some migi nail art pens!!! "

Cynthia - Corona, CA

" Wow, i LOVE Doin my nails but unfortunately , i don't have the money to buy nail art . :( but i know for a fact if i did have the money my first choice would be migi nail art! i watch tutorials on youtube about it and fall in love!, wow i wish i had some! I Am also subscribed to them on youtube, my user is lilmissevo . if i were you i would choose migi art because it is the BEST nail art i have come across "

Sophie - Shotton, North Wales

" I LOVE Migi Nail Art!!!!!!!! "

Isabella Yu - Hagatna, Guam

" omg i just love these things! they have beautiful colors and the let me have the chance to create a beautiful nail wonder land!! and their formula is especially great for water marbling! "

Shannon - Toronto, Ontario, Canada

" Fantastic!!! I fell in love with these pens from the first demo I saw. They are so compact and give you so many options for designs. They make it soo easy. I am a customer for as long as they keep making them!! "

Natasha - Sacramento,CA

" I love my Migi Nail Art kit! Last year my daughter asked for a spa themed party for her 8th birthday. The adults set up stations for hair, makeup and nails and boy were these a HIT! The nail station was definitely the favorite! And these were so easy to use that we even put a couple of the men to work and they did a fine job with their designs! My girls and I continue to do spa days and we hope to eventually try all the colors! "

Arienne Vanas - Colorado Springs, CO

" I cannot believe how easy these pens are to work with. The nail polish stays on very good as well. I have three girls, and we have so much fun doing girl's night and doing our nails and toenails. I want every set. A great price for eight colors, and an amazing selection. I got my money's worth the very first time we used them. With 8 hands and eight feet, there are so many different things you can do. Definitely worth the money."

Nadine Ritchie - Tavistock, Ontario, Canada

" I LOVE MIGI NAIL ART! before i would use a toothpick and it took forever because you had to keep putting paint on a paper then dotting it in that,, it took way to long! Now with migi nail art i can do mutiple designs quickly and easily! all my friends think of me as the nail art girl now. I love creating different designs ive seen online or even creating my own! Migi nail art is definetly worth the money! I bought the silver kit, then i got all 5 packages! I LOVE them! "

sarah ns

" These pens are great! I recommend them to everyone when I get complimented on my nails! They are easy to use and can make great nail designs! Worth every penny! "

Emily Jordan - Aurora, Ontario, Canada

" LOVE your product, my favorite is doing the zebra stripes. I get compliments on whatever I do! So easy and fun!! "

Barb - Oxford, MI

"Omg i LOVE migi nail art!!! i was able to make plenty of designs in the snap of a finger!"

Sharyn - Brampton, Ontario, Canada

"I bought 2 sets about 3 months ago and we love them. I have 5 daughters and 9 granddaughters they use them every time they are at my house. They make all kinds of things. Every asks who did your nails we say we did then tell them about Migi Nail Art.

Thank you
Tobitt Family"

Romona Tobitt - Cross Plains, TN

" I love these pens! I have the Silver collection and I think these are fantastic for nail art. They are easy to control, go on in one coat, and don't wear off (after applying top coat) very easily. I highly recommend them and I even use them in some of my nail art tutorials on YouTube! "

Tika Carr (aka BeautyByTika) - Rochester, NY

" I LOVE these pens. They are amazing and i just love to do my nails with funky designs. These nail pens are great and i would recomend them to anyone and everyone! "

Melissa - Medellin, Colombia

" The girl at the booth did the demo on my nail and SOLD. Had to get one of those kits. Looking forward to purchasing them for Xmas gifts, etc. Great product! "

C.S. McDougall - Thunder Bay, Ontario, Canada

" I'm loving this product. I used to pay so much money to the nail salons to get cute nails done for special occasions, but now I can do them on my own, and ANYTIME! My friends love my nails so much they pay ME to do their nails for them! Thank you for making such a fun, affordable, and easy to use product. Its certainly made our 'girly nights' with manis and pedis much more fun. "

Chelsea - Coralville, IA

" I must admit that I was initially skeptical about this product, but after being used by a Migi Nail Art sales rep as a random model at IMATS 2010, I was convinced that this product is AWESOME!!! I am currently a struggling college student and although I would love to make biweekly trips to the nail shop, I simply cannot afford to do so. Making a small investment in Migi Nail Art has saved me hundreds of dollars doing my own nails, while getting just about the same results as I would at the nail shop. This is the perfect product for me as I am able to create and showcase my own personalized designs.. This product is very convenient and easy to use. I would recommend it to anyone seeking professional quality nails, without paying the rising nail shop prices. Migi Nail Art is great! "

Brittney B. - Pomona, CA

" I tried your nail art kit and found it both quick and easy. Certainly will buy the next kit so I get more colors. Love using it with the granddaughters. "

Mabel - Peterborough, Ontario, Canada

" prueben sl migi nail q es fantastico se van a enamorar de este producto es lo maximo "

Elena Ventanas - Los Rios, Ecuador

"i love theese so much i get so many great coments on my nails and all my friends think i get them profecinaly done !! thanks so much for making such an amazing product!:)"

Natasha - Belmont, Ontario, Canada

"Very awesome product. Expecially the fact that you get free refills whenever you want."

Kimmie - Brighton, MI

" i love my migi set i had a party and everybody saw my migi set and the next month every woman or girl had one "


" i was so happy with the design the girl did with my nail that i had to get this. that night i tryed some different designs on myself and found it to be simple and a fast way to add flare to my nails. love this product and will be referring to my close friends. "

Jennifer - Mechanicville, NY

" I LOVE my Migi Nail Art set!!!! I use it all the time and after a sleepover my friends with in a week they all had their own set to!!!!! "

Caitlin - Medina, MN

" I love this Migi Nail Art pens they are the best nail art product out there they are so easy and fun to use. I use them on all my friends and myself. So many different designs you can do while enjoying doing it at the same time. Showing ur creative side. :) "

Candace - Kitchener, Ontario, Canada

" i am not to cleaver but my nail look really cute. i am just starting so i do little flowers. cant believe i did it. "

Beth Sterling - Marietta, NY

" MIGI Nail art pens are the BEST! I decorate my daughters and my own toenails and fingernails and I get so many comments on them! They are so easy to use and I LOVE THEM!!!! "

Jenifer Masterson - Spanish Fork, UT

" Migi nail colors have given me hours of fun with the little girls in my extended family. They each pore over the art options before making their selection for toes or fingers when they visit. It's been a part of our summer fun since I discovered this fun product at the Minnesota State Fair several years ago. Go Migi Nail Art! "

Margaret Dahl - Battle Lake, MN

" I just recently purchased Migi Nail Art, it is the best product i have ever bought :) "

Jessica - Washago, Ontario, Canada

" i use your nail art pens all the time! i love them "

Laura - Whitby, Ontario, Canada

" My Name is Celena Zarate and I just have to say that Migi Nail Art is the Bomb I didnt think that i would use them as much as i do and my 1 1/2 year old Daughter is in love with these she wants me to do her nails everyday. they are the best. "

Celena Zarate - Mesa, AZ

" I LOVE them! Before i got migi nail art i rarely ever did my nails. Now i have a different design on every week! "

Deanna Marlowe - Franklin County, VA

" This is totally the most fun product. My 8 year old grand daughter has more fun doing her nails and toes with grandma. We can spend hours doing nail art. "

June Salisbury - Washington, UT

" Migi Nail Art is not very well known here in Maine so when anyone sees mine they fall in love with them. I bought them for myself but I spend most of my time doing other peoples nails! They are great fun and everyone thinks they are amazing. "

Allie Owen - N. Waterboro, ME

" I worked at the International Quilt show in Chicago last month, I went to your booth several times each day to watch your reps decorate everyones nails, your nail polish was the coolest thing I've seen in a long time. I bought one set of polish everyday that I worked. Since then, we've had so much fun decorating everything in the house. "

Dawn Davis - Chicago, IL

" i love migi nail art. my mom bought it for me at the fair, as a bribe to get me to stop biting my nails. i like my nails long, and migi nail art helps me jazz them up. my nails sparkle, dazzle, and delight all my friends. when they come over, they beg me to do a design for them. thank you migi nail art =] "

Amanda - Lancaster, NY

" I am the mom of one of your new users and she just loves having her own set of colors and the freedom to design them any way she wants. She had to agree to use her own savings for this "luxury" and I too was impressed by the initial cost, the free refill guarantee and the quality of the product. I'm sure she'll have them for a long time and have wonderful memories of her teen age nail colors. "

Jean Alves - Uxbridge, MA

" My cousin got the Gold collection set for Christmas and I wanted to take it from her! She did my nails and the polish NEVER chipped off and the art stayed on my nails until I took it off with remover. I begged my Aunt to get me a set for my birthday and I am loving it! Thanks for making a high quality product that I know I will enjoy for a long time. The free refills are a added bonus too! "

Gwen B. - Auburn, WA

" I purchased the nail art at of all places the Quilt show. I actually bought them for my daughters but after trying it I was hooked. The guy who showed us it at the show did a great job showing how easy it is. I would tell anyone how great they are! I am not artistic but this I can do. Great Great Great!!!! They are so much fun! "

Kim Kopac - Hartland, WI

" miga nail art pens are awsome I have done a watermelon on my finger nail keep up the good work thank you! "

Laura Pickering - Whitby, Ontario, Canada

" At Shady Lawn Health Care Community we have a "Buff and Polish" weekly. It is standing room only as residents wait to have their nails 'designed'! MigiNail art is a big hit! "

Beth Borham - Dalton, OH

" I absolutely LOVE the Migi Nail Art pens!!! They let my imagination run wild, and i can do any designs I feel like. They are also extremely easy to use, and with only a small amount of practice, I was able to do some complicated designs. "

Nikki - Mesa, AZ

" I love these things they are so cool :) My friends say they want theme so badly. "

Tricia - Providence, RI

" I love Migi nail art pens! I have everyone begging me to paint their nails cute all the time! Thanks for the awesome pens! They are such a great price too! "

Jeni - Spanish Fork, UT

" I love them. they are heaps of fun. my nails are now fun and colourful!! yay "

Ellie - Sydney, Australia

" This are the best i have ever used. The point is so small you can really do the degins you like no matter how small. Love them lots. "

Rebecca LaRocque - Gilbert, AZ

" Migi Nail Art pens are the absolute BEST nail devices I've ever used. I have soo much fun doing lots of different looks with them and I'm so glad I purchased them. They're awesome! "

Kim - West Olive, MI

" What fun, my kit has provided me with comments from everyone who sees my pink nails with white poka dots on all the nails. And when I tell them I did it myself they are amazed. But I don't tell them how easy it was to do. I am right handed so making dots with my left hand was a bit of a challenge but by the 2nd time I made my dots it was easy as pie.
I am going to have a nail party and decorate my friends nails for fun. I just love my kit. "

Ann Moskal - Burlington, Ontario, Canada

" i love migi nail art!!!! it is the coolest thing ever i use them all the time i never have my nails plain any more my nails are always done up with migi nail art i dont think i could ever go without them!!! i just cant say enough how much i LOVE them!!!!!!!! im very happy that someone came up with them! very very great idea!! "

April Mason - Exeter, Ontario, Canada

" I loved them My Friends Mom wears Fake nails and uses mine nail polish all the time I told her where to get them and shes going soon I have lots of friends who love them But my sister loves it when we have a girls night and paint each others nails she loves her lady bugs:). "

Madi Minot - ND

" Works PERFECTLY! The tip is smooth, the needle is excellent. Can not say anything bad about this product. "

Nicole - Flushing, NY

" the migi nail art set is awesome and totally kool ! I used to go to the parlour for nail art but now i can do it myself ! its the best "

Bangkok, Thailand

" I bought one of your color sets as a gift for my daughter. She just loves it. Now i have to get some for my sons girlfriend also; its going to be a colorful Christmas! "

Jim Janowich - North Royalton, OH

" I helped run a youth centre, and I spent my whole evening doing teenagers, nails. I was able to use your how-to-guide to help create some magnificant nail collections, being creative all on my own and doing some funky deisgns with the ball point tip applicator.

Nothing but praise, smiles and laughs all evening long.

Thanks Migi Nail Art for amazing colours and selection (an amazing product) with a great refill program that will allow me, and others to create nail masterpieces forever! "

Niki Serafin - Oakville, Ontario, Canada

" Migi Nail Art is the best thing that happened to my nails! Now i never have to go to the nail salon with my friends. They just come here:) My friend love it ,they all went to bye the nail art when i told theme and all got a different color.We have so much fun."

Patricia Kinnane - Tiverton, RI

" The Migi Nail Art sets have great colors. I have the neon set and a few other colors that a friend gave me. The colors go on pretty smooth so you dont have to put on a million layers. The only part I dont like, is I have a gold sparkles tube and it gets stopped up really easy. "

Tricia C. - Denton, MD

" i love this. i'm using it all times on my nails i so great! it's sooooooooooooooooo nice. it's a great idea 2 make a brush and a nail art pen in same time;-) I'm just love it sooo sooo much Thank you guys 2 make this nail thing."

Karoline Lykke Kristensen - Silkeborg, Denmark

" They are fun to use. I get my son to do the art work, he's fantastic and has great ideas."

Laura - Ontario, Canada

" I purchased a set of nail colors at the Sewing Expo in Tampa in Feb. 2010. My daughter and I did our nails at the lunch table so we ended up with 20 designs. We went back to your booth and showed them off. All my 4th graders at school love the designs too! "

Marcia Weber - Watkinsville, GA

" I have had my set for about 3 years. I have never been disappointed in them. I do all kind of designs on my granddaughter's nails. Her friends are always amazed that her grandma can design her nails. I am a quilter, and I have my name or initials on all my rulers, scissors, and quilting supplies using the migi nail tips. I also have 3 grandboys, and when I give them toys, I always put their initial on their toy with the migi nail tip. I was disappointed that you'll did't have a booth at the Florida State Fair this year.. I was going to purchase some more kits. I'll just have to order on-line. I have really enjoyed the Migi Nail Art Kit. "

Sharon Smith - Thomasville, GA

" I love Migi Nail Art!!!!!!!!!!!!!!  I do my friends nails all the time and love to create new designs every day! I love to make white flowers on black nail polish. I love the compliments that I get and I am always getting asked where I get my nails done.   I love the fact that Migi Nail Art is always soooo much cheeper then getting my nails done at a salon and I don't feel bad when I take the nail polish off the next day."

Brenna - Denton, MD

" I love these pens!! All of my girlfriends are so jealous that I can do such cute designs at home while they have to go out and spend $20 on a manicure! "

Kelly George - Derwood, MD

" I bought this product for my daughter and she loves it. 

It wasn't until I applied the product on my doughter's nails, I couldn't believe my eyes. The colours are so vibrient and made with a high quality ingriendent. It drys instantly and you only need one coat of colour for each nail. 

Using the pen to do art is very easy. I couldn't believe I could actualy draw on my daughters nails.

I am truly amazed with this product & love it. "

Fiona - Hamilton, Ontario, Canada

" This is so easy to use - why spend so much money going to get nails designs when u can do it ur self - saves time and money............ love this product. "

Nin Nagra - Brampton, Ontario, Canada

" I LOVE these little guys!  There perfect for the small details that you want for your designs. When I first saw them at a show I was so amazed that I just had to buy them. My step-daughter loves them too. Anything that she wants she can have drawn on her fingernails!  Keep the colors comming!!! "

Rachel G. - Willoughby, OH

" I have had so much fun with my migi nail art pens as soon as i got them 2 day i started making wacky designs they are so much fun. "

Clair - Knoxville, TN

" i love this i tried one and when i got to school everybody loved it and was asking me where i got my nails done and i said i did them myself they were all like wow and oh my god :) "

Katrina - Ontario, Canada

" My three daughters and I bond with Migi Nail Art. In the comfort of our home, without the expensive salon cost, just us one on one, I am able to create professional designs easily. We love Migi Nail Art! Our regular nail polish bottles don't even get touched anymore."

Lora - Surprise, AZ

" I would like to know if  you will be returning to Walmart in Canada? I would really enjoy purchasing more of your wonderful packages.
Please let me know thank you."

Maddy Burns - Hamilton, Ontario, Canada

" Migi Nail Art was shipped very fast to me. I got all 5 boxes and the colors are AMAZING!!! some of them are so unique i've never seen them before when shopping. I would recommend these for anyone who wants to jazz up their nails. The only downfall is that you need to put on a topcoat or else it smudges, but that would be my only compaint. love, love, love it. I hope there are more colors to come too."

Anya - Albany, NY

" I purchased a set of nail colors at the Sewing Expo in Tampa in Feb. 2010. My daughter and I did our nails at the lunch table so we ended up with 20 designs. We went back to your booth and showed them off. All my 4th graders at school love the designs too! "

Marcia Weber - Watkinsville, GA

" The migi nail art pens are so cool.. i love using them on my nails so many designs you can DO WITH THEM.. i told all my friends about them now they own them also. "

Ebony Robertson - Emporia, VA

" I have always bit my nails but now that I have my Migi Nail Art Polish I find that they look so nice I don't want to chew them anymore and for the first time in my life I have nice nails."

Barbara - Toronto Ontario, Canada

" I recieved my new migi nail art pens and absolutly love these pens I loved them so much that I purchased both muliti packs. I am lost to say which color i love best. there are so many to choose from, there is a color for everything you need to make great designs. Thanks for the great product!!!!!!!! "

Kim Corcoran - New Brunswick, Canada

" These are AMAZING!!!!! I love doing nails but with regular polish you are limited in the creativity department. These allow you to really express yourself and have ALOT of fun doing it. I cant say enough good things about this product."

Amanda Skinner - Pikeville, KY

" LOVE it, love it, love it!!! I'm not an expert with nails, but with the migi nail my nails look like they were done by a professional!!

Thank you for this product! "


" Migi Nail Art pens are an absolutely *fabulous* product. The polishes provide excellent coverage and with most colors one coat achieves near opacity. The dry-down time is astonishingly fast for such a thick varnish which allows for easy layering and helps to prevent smudges. For creating nail designs, the pen tip is amazing. The fine point allows for highly precise detail, and the flow of paint can be controlled by how much pressure is applied to the tube. I have used traditional stylus brushes as well as marker-tip nail art pens and there is just no comparison. I constantly receive compliments on my nails and have fun doing manicures on myself and my friends. They are ultra-portable and can be screwed together in different color combinations, and I often keep one in my purse for fun during idle time. I will be a Migi-er for life! "

Anna - Washington, DC

" I purchased Migi Nail Art for my 9 year old daughter for her birthday and she absolutely loves it! What a fantastic gift for a creative little girl! "

Melissa King - Bowmanville, Ontario, Canada

" THANK YOU THANK YOU THANK YOU i use them every day since I got them. TOTALLY worth the price. They are stunnninnggg and I get so many compliments from them! Thanks a katrillion! "


" I love my Migi Nail Art Pens! I received them as an unexpected Christmas gift from my boss, way better than a bonus. They are very easy to use and to get use to. I get complements on my nails everyday. I have the Neon set and the Shimmer Silver set and I do plan on purchasing more of these awesome nail art pens. Thank you Migi for creating such an awesome product! "

Calla - Gainesville, FL

" Migi Nail Art is great fun. It is something that my daughter and I can do together. Perfect for that girls night get together for my daughter and her friends too. The applicators are easy to use and easy to clean."

Cynthia Meredith - Cobourg, Ontario, Canada

" I love migi nail art, everyones always complimenting on my nails and when i tell them i did it their mouths drop. With the skinny metal tip you can seriously make like any design you want. "

Shayla - NH

" I was never one to be very arty in school, I always love going to the nail salon to get my nails done an those cute design, but it does get $$ so I got these to see if I could do myself and there so easy I just love them.. I watch utube for ideas and go with it.. everyone can use these u don't have to be artist to do so.. thank you Nicole"

Nicole White - Brockton, MA

" I tried these at my friend's house and loved them! I had to get my own. They are so much fun and a lot easier than anything else I've ever tried. Highly recommended, for all ages (I'm 9 years old). "

Sophie Gable - Moodus, CT

" This polish is fantastic. I bought it for my daughter who changes her nail color several times each week because the product is so easy to use. It's great fun when we can add things to her nails to reflect school spirit, holidays or just creative ideas. Thanks so much for a wonderful item."

Theresa Lengenfelder - Johnstown, PA

" I got this months ago and saved it for Christmas so that my daughter and I could play and have fun painting each others nails. We have been having alot of fun and I love it because it doesnt wear off as fast as other nail polishes ive used on my nails. We are still learning but it is so much fun! "

Christy Pepper - Gig Harbor, WA

" I bought this product at a local fair this fall and have enjoyed using it. I have slowly improved on my techinique and everyone always comments on my nails thinking that I had them done professionally. I think the product is great."

Kelly Burek - Montgomey, MA

" i love the migi nail art i have the pastelle set and its great. i wish to get more coulers."

Claire Paisley

" I bought this product with my daughter's in mind. They are 10 and 7 and love to pretend we are having spa days with Mommy. So they soak get the full treatment and then they choose a pattern and Mommy does her very best with her MigiNail Art to make them look like they have had a professional manicure and pedicure. It is so much fun and the snowflake design is our current favourite. This is an awesome product, thanks for the Mommy/Daughter fun! "

Ginny Bando

" Hi my name is Lia. I am 11 years old. My mom gave me the Migi pens for Christmas.. Before it was so hard to make flowers on my nails but now it so easy with the Migi Nail Kit. My cousin and I spend lots of time painting our fingers, toes and inventing new designs. We love getting together and changing colors. We even tried it on my brother while he was napping.... Thank you, Lia "

Lia - Chino, CA

" I got the silver nail art pack for Christmas, and I love it! The colors are gorgeous and it's so easy to paint salon-like designs myself. Thanks, Migi! "

Eva Sandri - Silver Spring, MD

" I have had the Migi Nail Art Sets for way over 4years now. I started out with one set for Christmas and i purchased the others with the next years after that. I have not had what I call " Naked Nails" since. I am always changing the designs. I really never know what I am going to do, till I do my nails. I make designs for all the holidays. I work in a hardware store. And I have customers always asking to see what the I have on my nails now. I have even decorated my nails when I went on a cruise.

My little 8 year old neice is always asking me to do her nails too. I even surprised her at her birthday party sleepover, with doing all the girls nails that night.

I am now in to where I am having to start ordering the refills for my sets.

Thanks again for have fun nails."

Althea E. Sulouff - Northumberland, PA

" i Love Migi Nail Art, seriously i do my own nails about 1 or 2 times a week, and i'm always trying new designs, and until migi it was alot harder to get things perfect... these are the best, i dont use them for the brush part, only for pen use, but they are AWEsome... THE BEST NAIL DESIGN STUFF OUT THERE...:) "

Bettie - Los Angeles, CA

" I love Migi Nail Art pens and my nieces do, too! They're so easy to use that my 8 year old niece easily applies them to her nails and mine as well. They're great fun and really make doing each others nails a whole new experience! I can't wait til Christmas, each of them are getting a set in their stockings! "

Stephanie - Olmsted Falls, OH

" Migi Nail Art nail pens are the best ones out there. I got my nails done at a party and that's when I fell in love with them. My nails almost always have a design on them... everyone thinks that they are fake because they are so long and I have been doing my nails long enough to get semi-good at doing them."

Niki - Buffalo, NY

" wow! this is awesome. i love how quick and easy it is to make a design that looks great. thanks so much. p.s. the tips break easily so be careful and use the paint wisely :D "

Jacqueline Jones - Tacoma, WA

" This is better and cheaper than going to a nail salon, because you get to erase and try on the colors and styles that you want, and you only have to pay once for these and whereas you have to pay several times for the nail salon. "

Jacqueline Jones - Tacoma, WA

" The holidays christmas here. I painted my nails red and made candy canes in white on each nail. WHAT A BLAST!
thanks, Deb "

Debbie Malevris - Bolton, Ontario, Canada

" My daughters and I love the Migi Nail Art system. It is the perfect size for their small hands and the design possibilites are endless. I love the array of colors that I can recieve and it makes the perfect gift for any little girl."

Jeanine - Buffalo, NY

" I had badly sprained my ankle. Moments later it began to swell. I remembered about the THENTIX I bought at THE BIG E (Eastern States Expo in Massachusettes). At the demo, the salesman told me that the honey was great for swelling, amongst alot of other issues. I immediately applied it to my ankle. After two days, the swelling was minimal and it only bruised for two days. It worked like nothing I have ever seen before! I was amazed. From then on ,Thentix is the only thing I reach for for sprains and bruises. Thank You! "

Peggy Behrens - Calverton, NY

" love the pens... there great ... I really enjoy decorating and its easy. "

Jackie Osburn - Boerne, TX

" I love this product! I change my nail design on a daily basis to match what I will be wearing the next day. And the free refils are such a bonus! I check on the web for designs I like and then duplicate them with this product! Goodbye salons and hello do-it-yourself nail designs! Anyone can do this it's so easy! "

Lisette - Toronto, Ontario, Canada

" My daughter and I love the nail pens. They are so easy to use and are great for making many different designs without having to go to a salon."

Leah - Colorado Springs, CO

" I bought your pens last year from the booth at the Colorado Country Christmas Show. I decided on the Silver set. OMG I love these pens. They work so well. It is easy to create the designs that I want. My family and friends keeps asking me to do their nails. I haven't had a tip break but I have had one clog. It was simple to fix, just by putting the pin in the tip that comes in the book of the kit. I need to get the neon kit soon, I love the colors in it too. I also love the fact that you get 2 refills, or 2 new colors for just $2.99. You can't buy a new nail polish color for any brand for under that, let alone with a pen. This stuff is amazing on toes too. It lasted for 3 weeks during the summer, and that was only because I wanted something new on my nail. The polish does separate if you don't use it for a while, but shaking it up well fixes that. Thanks for such a great product and for so many colors :) "

Michelle - Thornton, CO

" This is one of the most fun products I have purchased for the nails. Anyone can do it and you don't have to be a professional to appreciate it. My granddaughter also can use it and not make a mess."

Shirley Chadd - Englewood, CO

" I am having great fun with the migi nail. Not only do I use them on my nails and my friend's nails, I use them to revive mini figurines I purchase at thrift stores."

Sandra Mable - Oregon City, OR

" This is a great gift for kids. It has provided some great bonding time with my 5 year old."

Autumn - Las Vegas, NV

" We love the MigiNail pens. They are so much fun to decorate our childrens nails for the holidays and just whenever they want something cute drawn on their nails. I would recommend these for anyone. Love them. "

Kimberly Jones, IN

" I've seen from someone and I love them. "

Andreea Anti - Roman-Neamt, Romania

" I love my migi nail art sets. I have 2 sets and create amazing effects for all my friends and family. I change my designs almost every day. I like to design flowers on my natural nail color. The flowers are very eye catching and i always get wonderful comments. I just keep getting better at the applications with practice and I create new designs everyday! I love them!!! "

Marina Prospero - Toronto, Ontario, Canada

" i llllllllooooooooooooovvvvvvvvvvvvveeeeeeeeeee nail polish its so much fun but ive always wanted to put a design but i just cant do it so i will love to win thank you "

Leah Diseris - Toronto, Ontario, Canada

" I love Migi Nail Art! They were given to me as a gift and my nails have never been the same since! I get so many compliments. People ask where I get my nails done and I love telling them that I do them myself."

Kari - WA

" As soon as the sales girl showed me the nail sets I knew I had to have these. I love this Magi Nail Art and i enjoy it now im proud of my nails."

Kam - Canada

" My 6 year old daughter is so excited about getting the Migi Nail Art set. We plan to use them to decorate her nails for school spirit day. We are also looking forward to using them at her next sleepover. What a great idea and easy product to use!"

Koty McDole - Anderson, IN

" These are absolutely FANTASTIC!!!!. I have tried other brands purchased in salon supply stores before I found these and they are no comparison. DO NOT WASTE your money on others; only buy MIGI NAIL ART. They completely stand behind their product with regard to the free refills and tip replacement. If only all companies products did what they said and had customer service like Migi! "

Louise Bellai - Guelph, Ontario, Canada

" I love Migi! We got it at the Puyallup fair, and we love it! we thought it was so cool, we got 3 of our aunts to also buy them. We have 4 girls in our family, and everyone loves them!! i love that it is a brush and a pen! "

Rachel T. - Paradise, UT

" I LOVE this product.

I enjoyed so much I just HAD to get the full kit and I definately do not regret it!

I loved doing my nails but could'nt get a good enough design but when I got my first set of Migi Nail Pens I got a Ladybug and Flower design done and absolutely loved it.

I can now do my friends and even my LEFT HAND haha. "


" My 12 year old daughter has not only created amazing designs on her own nails but symbols and drawings on my nails as well. The tip of the brush and the ease in which she creates designs is incredible to witness. "

C. Dalsheim - Needham, MA

" Migi Nail Art is so much fun to use! I was shopping in Costco one day and saw the booth, where they painted a flower design on my hand practically instantly. I bought the White Collection and love that you can receive free refills to keep on having more and more fun! I love doing polka dots, especially and have found a ton of designs on YouTube and on this webstie! Keep up the great work! "

Christy - CT

" The tips broke after a couple of weeks, but other than that they work just fine. I wouldn't reccomend using the brush, though."

E - OH

" Great product! My boyfriend is amazed I haven't been to a manicurist."

Emma - Alice Springs, Australia NT

" As soon as the sales girl showed me the nail sets I knew I had to have these. Working with teenagers who are always looking for a new way to individualize their wardrobes these sets make the perfect gift. Everyone I have given one to has been exstatic. These have inspired some budding artists. "

Darlene - Bryan, TX

" OMG! These are so cool! I bought a set for a present, but I think I might just have to keep them! Very easy to use, amd the designs are really easy to do with the instructions provided. Awesome product!!!!"

Heather - Hillsboro, OR

" I love Migi Nail Art products, I bought mine at the state fair and went right home to use them. They are great because I can do details very easily instead of using a toothpick which doesn't work very well. Thanks Migi Nail Art for making it easy to do awesome nail designs!!! "

Chloe - New Hope, MN

" I'm not an artist but my co-workers were really impressed at what I was able to accomplish with Migi. First Try! Thanks for a product that not only looks good but lasts, too. "

Linda - Elyria, OH

" This is the best stuff i wish i would have thought of it. i will make more and everyone will notice my customers, so in return those i have not done, i soon will. yeah!!! "

Teresa - Kenton, OH

" I love to do my nails and its always so hard to get a good design. I've watched a bunch of videos and read reviews and Migi seems to be the best!"

Andrea - North Liberty, IA

" AWESOME PRODUCT! I always painted my daughters nails with different designs using toothpicks. When I saw this product I knew we had to have it. We do her nails every week now with different colors and designs. This product is easy to use and we always get great results! "

Shannon - Southington, CT

" i just bought this package at the Simco Fair i tired it when i got home and i just love it, im going back monday so i can get another one im hooked."

Danielle - Hamilton, Ontario

" I've had Migi Nail Art for about two or three weeks and i love them soooooo much. i got them at the Ruayllup fair in Puayllup, Washington. once i got the demonstration i wanted them on the spot. but as me and my parents walked around they agreed and i got them. right when i got home i tried them out and my first design was a cheetah print and i also tried it on one of my friends. me and her were so amazed on how easy and cool and beautiful our nails looked. soo im so glad i got this nail set. im such a nail fanatic that this suits me and also everyone loves when my nails are pretty. and i got so many compliments and others want me to do there nails. even my mom said i could do other peoples nails for money. hehe."

Patrice - Spanaway, WA

" i cant wait fo my nail polish!! u rock migi!! "

S.W. - California

" ive never really used this product before. i think it is a cool product. i
was never a good nail artist. now i think will be the best i can be. im
just so amazed with the product. i love painting nails its so fun. i just
love how the colors are so thick and you only have to do 1 coat. "

Sarah - Nashville, TN

" I just got the migi nail art silver kit i love it. I got it at the topsfield fair. As soon as i got back from the fair i used it now every one of my fingers has a cool design on it. I have wanted these pens from so long and now that i have one set i want more sets so i cant wait to get more.I just wanted to thank the migi nail art company for coming up with this great product. A few days ago i had a wedding to go to and i wanted a design on my nails that i could do at home i bought a french manicure set at the store but the paint was to thin so it went all over my fingers and was a big mess if i had your great product at the time i could have had salon prefect nails but instead i had to just paint my nails one solid color. Again thanks for your great product it is the best. Keep on selling it i will surely buy more kits thanks so much. P.S : next wedding i go to in December i will definitely use your great product. "

Allison - Lowell, MA

" I recently purchased migi nail art, and it really is fun. "


" I bought the Migi Nail kit today and was excited to try it out. I bought it at The Topsfield Fair in Ipswich, Ma. today. It was a long day and I was excited to try it out. I tried the orange pen part and was disappointed to find that the pen part didn't work. All the other colors worked fine. I hope you will replace it as I bought it today and haven't had the opportuntiy to use it. Thank you "

Barbara Ann Powers - Saugus, MA

" SHEENIKEES! these are sweet. i bring them everywhere with me. practically every girl in my class has used them. they all want them. i do little girl's nails too. i even can use them for painting things. like i made a flower out of paper then i painted the petals and it looks insanely great. they're AMAZING! "

Jinchrie Jinae - Des Moines, IA

" Oh my gosh! Migi Nail Art changed my life. I love it. Now I never have to go out and go to a nail salon place for $50. No more throwing my money away. I'm just a kid, but I know my nail polish. My brother actually gave ME a real complement on how much he loved my nails. I was like, wow this is a life saver! Migi Nail Art I found at the Big E. It was a little more cheaper than online it was $25. But anyways u won't ever regret getting Migi Nail Art, I know I didn't!!!!! "

Mackenzie, CT

" I first bought the silver and white kits from a Migi Nail Art booth at America's Beauty Show at the McCormick Place in Chicago. After a little bit of practice, I can do all the designs in the booklet and I've even found "how-to"s on YouTube that have helped me to make even more designs with the nail art pens. Migi Nail Art is awesome! Sleepovers are a blast with these cute little pens and their gorgeous colors. And, I can decorate fake [glue-on] nails with them, let them dry, and presto! I have gorgeous, hand-painted nails to show off. Awesome product, and the the $2.99 refills keep me coming back for more! I can't wait to get all the colors! "

Erin W, - Chicago, Illinois

" I love all of your Migi Nail Art pens and colors. I have the gold edition and it is just amazing. I have mastered the palm tree, lady bug, the sun and flowers. I would really like to be entered into this contest please. "

Maddy Burns - Hamilton, Ontario, Canada

" These are wonderful! I have gotten so many comments on how my nails look. I have given your website to so many people! I love your stuff, and so do all my friends. Thanks for selling Migi Nail Art. "

Hannah - Mayville, WI

" My nine year-old daughter is trying to quit bitting her nails and when we saw Migi Nail Art at the fair she just had to have it. She promised that if I got them for her she wouldn't bite her nails because she wouldn't want to ruin the decorations. Well it's been almost 2 weeks and she hasn't bitten her nails yet. She really enjoys doing everyones nails and has even done her brothers. Thanks Migi Nails for helping her quit bitting her nails."

Raelynn Rosenquist - Poulsbo, WA

" The migi nail art pens are the best. The fine tip makes the best detailed art. The colors are amazing.

My daughters, neighbors, friends are always buggin me now, do my nails, lol...

Thank you for a great product...

Your friend,
Sherry "

Sherry Emory - TX

" Great product. Simple enough that my 10 year old is producing nails that look like a professional did them. Thanks for making nail art fun! "

Chris Box - Ashland, OH

" I used to paint my own nails and sometimes I would get them done by a an expert. The paint never lasted more than a week and even then the paint was peeling so my nails never looked great beyond a few days. When Migi Nail Art came to my local fair, I got a sample design. The design lasted the three weeks of me working at the fair in a kicthen. It never faded or peeled. My looked the same after three weeks as when they were first painted!

Migi Nail Art is worth the money not just because you get beautiful nails,but because you get more paint less often. "

Rebecca Puyallup - WA

" I have 8 and 3 year old girls and ever since we have purchased this kit, we have been changing their nails constantly.

My 8 year old gets asked all the time who did her nails because they look professionally done! It costs a fortune to have this look done in the salon. And now I am able to do it myself for my girls whenever they want!

This year for my 8 year olds birthday we are having a sleepover complete with hair and nail makeovers!! My daughter is so excited and so are all her friends!

Thanks for a great product! "

Cheryl Matthes - Oconomowoc, WI

" I got my free pen in the mail today and it's amazing!!! You will definitely be seeing my orders for Christmas!!! Hot nails for 2010 :) Thank you so much! "


" OMG I'm so in Love with the Velvet Pens!!!

and I'm definitely going to do tutorials using the Migi Nail Polishes - these are definitely genius idea on nail polish you have!!! "


" Dear Migi,

I just wanted to say thank you so much for my free pen!! I recieved it today and just had to try it out so quick!! I LOVE THEM! I am going to have to get a pack soon!! They are the next BIG thing!! They are so wonderful!!! VERY thoughtful of you!!! I had to upload a tutorial with them ASAP! :) So if you can, please check it out! Thanks so MUCH again!!!!!!!!!!!! I HEART MIGI!!! "



" Hi

I just wanted to let you know that I did get your products and I have to say I am totaly in love with the brown eyeliner! You can definately expect SEVERAL videos with that product! :)

I have recorded a nail Tutorial using your nails pens but will be uploading it in the coming weeks :) I'm pleased to say I'm seriously impressed with your products :) I think I've found my favorite eyeliner of all time :) "



" I haven’t found any easier way to do French Manicures! Migi Nail Art pens make it easier to draw a straight line, then fill in the rest with either the pen or brush. I also love to decorate my toes with flowers in the summer. It’s a great way to save money instead of paying a salon. "

A. Antrim - Daytona Beach, FL.

" My wife and I saw Migi Nail Art at a Christmas show, and purchased them. My wife enjoys the product. Especially in the summer time she does French Manicures on her toes. Also, we have good friends with little girls (3 and 5). We see them a couple of times a year and they are always excited to have decorations on their toes. Thank you very much for a fun product! "


" To Whom It May Concern:

I own some Migi Nail Art and I just want to say that I really enjoy them. I purchased then from one of your booths and the man there was very nice and explained things very well. I have not had any problems with them so far and they wear very well. I do have one suggestion though on your website. I think that you should add a separate page of designs made by Migi Nail Art users. I would definitely use the new ideas. I love this product and have told tons of people about it and how well it works. I even did my friends nails to show them how well it works and they loved them too.

I would like to thank you for your time, and I hope you continue to make more designs, colors, and more of this product.

Kelsey McGuire "

Kelsey McGuire - Butler, MO

" Hi Lisa!

Just wanted to let you know how much i love my migi nail pens. I use them allllll the time! I have painted other things besides my nails. Obviously my shoes =]. I have also painted my friends' cell phones, my lamp, and the back of my ipod. If you would like pictures of any of the other things just let me know, i would be glad to send them to you. ThAnKyOu! =) "



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